Photoshop Tutorial :background image

This tutorial will teach you the method to design a background.

Photoshop Tutorial :background image

Make a Bullet Background


This example is about a bullet background, normally you use background with color and any image. But with this tutorial, you can learn and design your own background image. So let's try.

Take a new file: Go to file menu and click on new (CTRL + N key) then adjust file size as you design. 

Fill Color: Go to tool bar and select Paint Bucket tool (G key). Choose color "808080", fill in the file.

Brush: Now select brush from tool bar (B key) and adjust setting as given below image. 

Make Bullet: To make bullet, take color "5A5A5A" and make dots as I have done here.


Emboss Effect: To make your dots into bullets, go to Filter menu >Stylize> Emboss and make setting as given below image.

Define Pattern: Now make your design as pattern and for this go to Edit > Define Pattern. A pop up menu will come in which you can define your pattern name as given below.

Take New File: Take a new file to fill your design as a background image as I have taken here.

Fill: Now go to Edit menu > Fill and a pop up menu will come in front of you that is given below. Choose your pattern and click "OK".

Your image will look like this. 

The Final Image: The final image will look like this. So now if you want to design a different bullet background then follow the same process.

Look here