Why You Should Learn Java in 2018?


Why You Should Learn Java in 2018?

Java is still very popular programming language, we are exploring why programmer should learn Java in 2018?

Java is still very popular programming language, we are exploring why programmer should learn Java in 2018?

Java Programming in 2018 - Why You Should Learn Java in 2018?

There are many high level programming languages are available for programmer to write applications. Software companies are investing huge money to come up or improve many existing programming language. Java came into existence as version 1.0 in January 1996. At that time its name was Oak programming language. Since then Java popularity is increasing and now its one of the most used programming language. Let's explore why Java is so popular and why you should learn Java programming language in 2018?

Java is popular programming language due its power and flexibility. If we see the latest version of Java, JDK 9 then we can find many improvements and new features in this release. Java 9 major features includes module system, Linking, JShell, Collection factory methods, improvements in Stream API, HTTP/2 support etc.. These changes and improvements are towards providing better programming language for application development.

Java is used in developing applications for Banking, Finance, Social Network, Accounting, Mobile, Web and many enterprise applications. Its demand is very high in Job market.

If we see the current Google Trends then you will find that Java is in top of Google trends search when it is compared to PHP, C#, Scala and Python. Java is still very popular programming language.

Google trends in November 2017:

Java Popularity 2017, 2018

Why You Should Learn Java in 2018?

Let's see Why You Should Learn Java in 2018 and beyond to get highly paid jobs?

Why You Should Learn Java in 2018?

Java is continuously improving

Oracle and community is working to improve Java to support development of today's demanding applications. JDK 9 released with many new features and there are many improvements in the API. So, its good to learn Java as it is supporting new features to meet industry demand. Java is also one of the preferred programming languages for creating Big Data applications, so, if you want to make career in Big Data and then should learn Java.

Java is in high demand in Job market

Industry adoption and availability of job for programmers is the key to learn any programming language. Java programming language is still tops in demand in the Job market. Top Industries like Banking, Finance, and Insurance are using Java for developing most of the applications. So, Java is good programming language to learn in year 2018.

Java as fundamental programming language

Java is object oriented programming language which is supports all the principals of OOPs. As a software developer you should learn it as fundamental programming language. After learning Java you can easily learn other programming language. Java is fundamental high level Object oriented programming language which teaches you all the fundamentals of programming.

Java for wide range of application development

Java programming language comes with large collection of API for writing applications for Server, Desktop, Terminal application, demon application, Android and embedded devices. There is another programming language Kotlin which also runs on the JVM. In future it might replace Java at many places particularly Android application development. Still Java is top language for development of these applications and you should learn Java in 2018.

Wide range of usage

Java is very popular and according to Oracle it is powering 3 billion devices around the world. Java enables developers to create programs for Smartphone, servers, ATMs, Web applications, Enterprise applications, set top box applications, embedded devices applications etc.. This way is powering billions of devices around the world.

Handsome salary in the Job market

Java developers are getting handsome salary in the job market as there is huge demand of programmers with right skill sets. Java Programmers are learning upto $130,000 per year in US market. In India also salary of Java programmers are high as compared to other developers.

Where to Learn Java Programming in 2018?

On our website you can learn Java programming in 2017, 2018 and beyond. We are updating our website with tutorials on new technologies, so, you will always find latest tutorials in Java technologies on our website.

Here are tutorials to learn Java Programming:

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