How to learn Java with no programming experience?

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How to learn Java with no programming experience?

This is exhaustive guide of learning Java without no programming experience in past.

This is exhaustive guide of learning Java without no programming experience in past.

How to guide for learning Java with no programming experience?

Yes, with your hard work, effort and right direction you can become expert Java programmer even if you don't name any programming experience. You have reached this page which suggest that you don't have any prior programming experience but you have an eager to learn Java. I will try to give all the information very will for helping you achieving your of learning Java.

Some of bitter truth about learning Java

Let me give you some idea about the path of learning Java. First of all its not easy to learn Java if you don't have prior programming experience in any language. Initially you may find it very difficult as learning programming without programming background is little difficult. You may find it extremely frustrating thing. But keep in mind after learning the basics thing will be much easier.

So, learn programming concepts make your background in programming, after that things will become much easier. So, don't get frustrated learn and spend some time in playing cricket or going for bicycling etc.. to divert your mind. After relaxation come back again and start learning. In few days things will be in your control and you will start enjoying programming.

Learning Java

First of all understand the basics of programming, check the tutorial What is programming?, this will give you idea about programming.

Then understand the What is Programming?. After that learn What is Java programming?

Here are tutorials for getting started with Java:

Learn Core Java

Learn Advanced Java

Now you should learn Advanced Java topics. Here are the topics of Advanced Java

You can also go for our Java Online Training classes for learn all these things from our trainer.

Learn JSP

Learn Servlet

Learn Frameworks

So, above are the topics of Java programming language that will help you in master Java programming language. After completing all or most of the above tutorials you will be able to use Java in real world programming and develop applications.

What next?

Visit Java Programming tutorials home page on your website and start learning Java.

Java Video tutorials

Here are the popular video tutorials to learn Java Programming language.

What is Java?

How to Get Java?

Java Tutorial #4 - Compiling and Interpreting Applications

Java Tutorial #5 - First Program in Java

Java Tutorial for beginner - Tutorial for total beginner in Java

Check all the videos at Java Tutorial on Youtube.