How to learn Java?

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How to learn Java?

This page is for new comers in Java programming. We explains how to learn Java from scratch?

This page is for new comers in Java programming. We explains how to learn Java from scratch?

Java for Beginners - How to learn Java Programming?


Are you novice in Java and looking for the information on starting with Java? Here we have guided you the steps for learning Java. With dedication and practicing examples you can learn Java and become good programmer.

If you have prior programming experience in C, C++ or any other programming language then you will find Java programming much easier. But if you don't have any prior programming experience then you will find Java little bit difficult. But after learning for few days you will find it easy.

So, what is the mantra of learning new programming language?

Here is the mantra of learning Java Language:

  1. Learn
  2. Practice
  3. Revise
  4. Start with new topics

So, you should always revise previously learned topics.

How to learn Java?

So, here is the patch of learning Java, Advanced Java and other important frameworks of Java:

Video Tutorial: New to Java?

Learn Core Java

Learn Advanced Java

Now you should learn Advanced Java topics. Here are the topics of Advanced Java

You can also go for our Java Online Training classes for learn all these things from our trainer.

Learn JSP

Learn Servlet

Learn Frameworks

So, above are the topics of Java programming language that will help you in master Java programming language. After completing all or most of the above tutorials you will be able to use Java in real world programming and develop applications.

What next?

Visit Java Programming tutorials home page on your website and start learning Java.