New features in PHP5?



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New features in PHP5?
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What are new features added in PHP5?

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October 29, 2010 at 3:09 PM


Following are new features added in PHP5

  1. Access Modifiers are added in PHP5

  2. PHP 5 introduces a number of new "magic" methods. Magic methods begin with a double underscore, and this requires changing any user-defined methods or functions that use this naming convention.

  3. PHP5 has built-in exception classes that makes it very easy to create your own customized exceptions through inheritance.

  4. PHP 5 introduces the Standard PHP Library (SPL), which provides a number of ready-made classes and interfaces.

  5. PHP5 comes with PDO which is a common interface for different database systems is only made possible by the new object model.

  6. SQLite is a database engine incorporated in php5 which can be used to develope faster, leaner and more versatile applications.

  7. In PHP 5 all Extensible Markup Language (XML) support is provided by the libxml2 XML toolkit.

  8. The reflection classes included in PHP 5 provide ways to introspect objects and reverse engineer code.

  9. In addition to built-in classes, PHP 5 also offers built-in interfaces. Iterator is the most important, as a number of classes and interfaces are derived from this interface.

  10. The major change to PHP in version 5 relating to OOP is usually summed up by saying that objects are now passed by reference.

  11. PHP 5 introduces the mysqli (MySQL Improved) extension with support for the features of MySQL databases versions 4.1 and higher. So use of prepare statements are allowed