Spring Framework 4.1 GA is released with major features

Spring Framework 4.1 (GA) is released with major features and improvements. The Spring 4.1 includes many new features and major improvements.



Spring Framework 4.1 is available

Spring 4.1 is the major release of the Spring Framework with addition of many new major features and lots of improvements. After the intense development of the release candidates the Spring Framework available.

Here in this article we will discuss the new features and improvements of the Spring Framework.

Here are the new features of the Spring 4.1:

  • Annotations for the JMS listener methods added
  • The Comprehensive support for the JCache (through JSR-107) annotations
  • Spring 4.1 supports the easy and flexible resolution and transformation of static web resources used in the project
  • In the MVC views you can now use the declarative resolution, Groovy markup templates, Jackson's JsonView
  • There is refinements do top the WebSocket scope, SockJS client support, WebSocket stats
  • Performance improvement in SpEL compiler mode and  the concurrency fine-tuning across the container

Spring Framework 4.1 comes with many enhancements:

  • For the nested fields the direct binding support with auto-growing feature added
  • Java 8's Optional can be used for injection points and MVC handler parameters
  • The standard @Priority annotation for dependency ordering and selection support is also available in Spring 4.1
  • Annotated @Lookup methods enhancements
  • Declarative SQL scripts
  • Programmatic transactions in the TestContext framework
  • Enhanced Hibernate JPA setup with the isolation levels and discovery of managed packages

The minimum software requirement for using Spring 4.1 is   Java 6+, Servlet 2.5+, JPA 2.0+ .

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