Flex 4 Features


Flex 4 Features

Learn new features of Flex 4.

Learn new features of Flex 4.

Flex 4 Features

Flex released its new version Flex 4 with huge changes in its architecture. Along with this new release, adobe also released new flex application builder tool named ?Flash Builder? which was formerly known as ?Flex Builder?.

New version of flex emphasizes at features like:

  1. Enhanced and greatly improved user appearance by extending features of existing components and introducing new components.
  2. Improved developer productivity and increased compilation speed.
  3. Taking advantages of new features of flash player

Flex 4 features:

Flex 4 delivers wide variety of new and enhanced features. Here is a list of some important features.

1. New flex 4 components are spark based which are built on top of the existing flex 3 halo components

2. Spark and Halo components can be used together

3. Use of FXG (Adobe Flash XML Graphics) to create shapes like eclipse, rectangle etc.

4. Enhanced States Syntax

5. ASDoc to generate documentation for MXML components

6. Two-way Data Binding

7. New Effects for Components and Graphics

8. Support for 3D effects

9. Support for CSS namespaces

10. Virtualized Layouts and DataGroups

11. Support for Vector to restrict to a single type

12. RSL linking by default to reduce the application size rather than static linking

13. StyleManager for every module

14. Support for FTE and TLF text providing new style text

15. Support for MXML Graphics runtime layout modifications

16. Validation of styles against the theme

17. Support for layout mirroring for languages that are written from right to left instead of left to right

List of spark components available in Flex 4

  1. Application
  2. WindowedApplication
  3. Window
  4. TitleWindow
  5. BorderContainer
  6. SkinnableContainer
  7. SkinnableDataContainer
  8. Panel
  9. Group
  10. DataGroup
  11. Scroller
  12. TabBar
  13. Button
  14. ButtonBar
  15. ScrollBar
  16. CheckBox
  17. ComboBox
  18. RadioButton
  19. TextInput
  20. RichText
  21. RichEditableText
  22. TextArea
  23. Label
  24. List
  25. DropDownList
  26. Spinner
  27. Slider
  28. NumericStepper
  29. VideoPlayer