10 Exciting New Features in Windows 8.1

The much enhanced and feature rich new Windows 8.1 update is just on the corner making wave of apprehensions and exciting speculations.

10 Exciting New Features in Windows 8.1

There have been lot of speculations for last few months regarding the release of new Windows 8.1 update and though the official release is still in the process there is no end to the apprehensive discussion on the new features and tech specs. The changes and additions are already clear enough to the tech wizards and reviewers and at least some aspects can really be termed exciting considering the gross ease they would offer in our interaction with this new Windows avatar. Here are our picks on 10 exciting new features in Windows 8.1.

  1. Reintroducing Start Button
  2. The new and refurbished 'start' button is a big hit in the Windows 8.1 update. For long the absence of the 'start' button has been one of the top reasons for the users of Windows 8 and now with the introduction of the revised and much better start page it ultimately proved to be far better than all the earlier versions. The new style start page is more than just smart look; it is ready to find anything you wish, from applications to folders to settings, all in no time.

  3. Bing Smart Search
  4. One of the most exciting new features in Windows 8.1 is the comprehensive Bing smart search. The one window search with Bing lists all results across the desktop folder, web, news, applications and app store. Undoubtedly to get a comprehensive view of all search results across various categories and areas is a great feature for this new OS update.

  5. Much Improved Built-in apps and Windows store
  6. The new Windows 8.1 can make your overall computing and browsing experience far better by an array of built-in applications. A great food and drink application and a fitness application are worth mentioning besides host of other applications for other areas of practical purposes. This time Windows app store is also much enriched and enhanced with array of diverse applications.

  7. Browser Friendly Reading View
  8. Your much suppressed antipathy to ads has been addressed in this new Windows 8 update and not only that, there have been an array of enhancements for a much better reading view of the web and search pages. Presenting the required article in a horizontally scrolling format minus all those annoying clutter is certainly a great enhancement, particularly for the serious web users the focus of whom is always uncannily fixed on content.

  9. Option of going back to old desktop
  10. The touch interface and typical mobile application like tiles might be a major shift from the traditional Windows look and feel but a majority of users since its launch secretly wished to have an option to return to their old desktop as and when they feel to do so. Yes, this new Windows 8.1 update allows you to switch between typical touch friendly tile interface and old desktop as and when you wish.

  11. Accessing camera from lock screen
  12. When launched displaying photos on the locked screen was a popular use, especially among the tablet users and so this time the enhancement is going to offer more freedom of display when your screen is locked. Even when your screen is locked you can enjoy a slide show comprising your photo folder or SkyDrive or you can take photos or shoot videos even when the screen is locked. More freedom for your display and camera this time!

  13. Multi-window mode for multitasking
  14. Multitasking is a focus area across all kinds of tech gadgets and more it is done seamlessly more we consider the tech device smarter. So this Windows 8 update has just followed the trend. The most exciting new thing about Windows 8 is that you can perform several different tasks on the same display and without feeling any clutter. While browsing your mail box tapping on an image or mail it can lead to the opening of a web page or photo folder just beside the regular mailbox display. Thus you can experience side by side display of different tasks or search areas.

  15. SkyDrive File Explorer
  16. The new SkyDrive sync and storage is certainly one of the most exciting new features in Windows 8.1 that not only allows you to save all your files, data even when you are offline but it also allows you to remain in sync if you just access your desktop through Outlook.com account. Users who are using touch friendly devices with Windows 8 as their OS often find the hardware storage as too limited (especially in tablet PCs) and now this seamless SkyDrive sync is just going to offer inexhaustible possibility of storage.

  17. X-box Music Playlist and X-box Radio
  18. With new Windows 8.1 update Microsoft offers some really good applications absolutely free requiring no subscription and consequently no ticking of message concerning the end of your free trial period. X-box is one such application that let you create your own playlist and create your own radio stations based on the type of music stored in your folder. From now on your listening experience got to be a little smarter with X-box and this new OS update, no doubt!

  19. All-in-one place new settings menu
  20. The settings menu is unquestionably one of the most user friendly new features in Windows 8.1. The new settings menu is consolidated to incorporate different application and hardware settings in one place without requiring you to move here and there. From managing screen resolution to language to SkyDrive settings to Bluetooth to power management to browser settings all you can access from the easy to navigate and all-in-one place setting option.