Car Theft Preventions using Vehicle Tracking System

As India is emerging as an economic power country, many people are now being able to afford cars.

Car Theft Preventions using Vehicle Tracking System

Car Theft Preventions using Vehicle Tracking System



As India is emerging as an economic power country, many people are now being able to afford cars. This shows the power of the country but like double-edged sward this development in other hand, has given rise to a most jeopardizing crime that is cars theft. There has been a gradual increasing in the incidence of cars lifting. These stolen cars are than again sold out by changing their chassis number in another city or neighboring countries. Thieves also find it profitable to sell expensive equipment and accessories of the car such as batteries, stereos and other decorative tools of the cars. Ministers also confessed that, car-lifting cases have shown an increasing trend, but there is a declining trend in tracing of these vehicles. Without any method of tracking the cars, only 10 percent of the total stolen vehicles are recovered.


According to official sources of Ministry of State for Home Affairs, the rate of car hacking is increasing year by year. In the year 2003, the total 68,945 cases of car theft were registered, while it becomes 80,750 cases in 2004. In 2005 and 2006, total number of cases came in the limelight were 84,150 and 83,375 respectively, in which the exact figure of total cases of the year is still awaiting, because the above figure of the data is till Sep 2006. That's why the government is extremely worried about the vehicle theft crime and appeals to the owners to utilize the advance techniques of the GPS and others related techniques available in the market to reduce the car theft cases. These cases harms the country and the society worth millions and millions dollars.

According to NCRB (National Crime Record Bureau) the total hacking of vehicles are valued in Indian currency in worth Rs.3.94 billions in 2003, Rs.4.39 billions in 2004 and 4.66 billion in 2005 respectively. The exact data of 2006 is yet to exist. In the stolen cases, very few recovery can be held due to lack of technology used by the car owners. Many times vehicles were found in the different forms or in the damaged forms. Only 32.8 percent vehicles were recovered in 2003, whereas it was only 30.5 percent in 2004. In 2005, it further dipped and only 29.3 percent of total recovery could be done. Maharastra was on the top position followed by Delhi and Gujrat in the vehicle lifting crime in 2005. The total number of cases registered in Maharastra, Delhi and Gujrat were 12,180, 8,862, and 7,096 respectively.


In the market, there are basically different types of security systems available such as centralized locking system, in which the car is locked or unlocked by its remote controlling system. This is the most commonly used security system. A special types of sensors applied in this device that begins beeping loudly if someone tries to open it forcefully and the main unit is hidden somewhere inside the car, which a thief can not find or deactivate it easily. Another technique is Gear lock in which the system locks the Gear of the car, so that if the thief manage to get into the car can not drive it away. Steering lock is also available there are in the form of other security systems. Besides these clutch lock, brake lock also works in preventing to steal the car as these locks the clutch and brake respectively of the car.

As the technology is advancing, more and more security systems are flourishing the market. Now by the use of satellite or mobile phone it is easy to track the mobile vehicles. This device is known as GPS Tracking service.


GPS is a compact handy device like mobile phone with enabled combo technology of GPS and GPRS that track mobile vehicles through using four visible satellites. The satellites send the signals to the GPS receiver and it calculates the signals and inform about the exact position of the vehicle on the earth. The calculated data send on web server provided to users by the GPS service providing company. The company provides a web based login account to access the data from the web server. Using this account, the user can track one or more vehicles at a time. The GPS device provides the complete data about your vehicle like its status, maximum speed, motion hours, distance covered and stationary timing and duration. 


Micro vehicle black box is a next generation anti-theft security system. This is a new concept, which is in a testing phase to track the stolen car through cell phones. It is compatible with all GSM or CDMA mobiles. With the help of this service, it will be easy to make the car immobilize, also this service will help to know about the unauthorized entry in the car, and location of the vehicle. Through this service it will be easy to make two-way communication with the driver and transfer of command.


To prevent the car theft, we all should be very careful about not leaving the car doors unlocked or windows partially open. Use of any security system is must to stop the crime, like centralized lock, steering lock, clutch lock or brake lock etc.

Parking should be done in authorized parking facility. In the night, car should be parked in best-lit areas for prevention. Valuable things are not to be kept in the car.

If it is possible than try to take away the stereo with you, while parking the car for longer time.