Top 10 Web Developments Concepts Designers Should Know

Here we putting a decent list of top 10 web development concepts is so challenging. Let us look at some of the web development concepts designers should know at this time. Application based web access is no more just one of the important web development concepts designers should know.

Top 10 Web Developments Concepts Designers Should Know

Top 10 Web Developments Concepts Designers Should Know

When it comes to web design or the broader spectrum of web development we just cannot put aside the necessity of being unique yet every time working within the conventions of the internet space worldwide. While the constraints of convention and technology will always continue to broaden they at the same time make many weird conceptual imaginations look foolish and so putting a decent list of top 10 web development concepts is so challenging. For some years with the proliferation of mobile computing and devices that are replacing the traditional computers and internet access increasingly, web development and design concepts also went through a great array of changes and particularly the shift of focus has been from traditional browsing based web pages to application driven web access. Let us look at some of the web development concepts designers should know at this time.

  1. Application replacing common web page
  2. Normal web browsing is increasingly being replaced by cool ready on screen applications thanks to huge proliferation of mobile internet and always connected mobile devices that let the users remain on internet 24 hours a day. Unlike a so called desktop or laptop you are connected to internet throughout the day and so mobile applications are handy enough to gain instant access to certain websites of your choice. For instance almost many of the major websites are now present through web applications and you do not need to open them through a standard browser. So there is a great shift of focus for web developers as well - from website to application development. Application based web access is no more just one of the important web development concepts designers should know, but it is the most evident reality of web development now.

  3. Content Driven Design
  4. As search engine ranks are increasingly focused on value addition to user's experience and as content like ever enjoying its prime focus in respect of driving internet traffic design undoubtedly demands to be centered on content. Content driven design is the most important concept that is sure to make an impact on traffic mobility. All your design efforts must work together to augment the browsing or web experience and whatever design excellence or sleazy features you incorporate in your web pages if they do not enrich the web experience it is undoubtedly of little value. Making the content better readable, emphasizing the content, highlighting the content with befitting presentation, images and media is key to make a satisfactory experience for the web user.

  5. Finding inspiration for an unique concept
  6. Some concepts just come from the air without having any backdrop in the individual experience and they do not make a lasting impact while some concepts are rooted in individual inspiration or experience and undoubtedly these concepts while put on the web makes a great job. Just look at some of the greatest designs in forms of logo or architecture or web presence and consider their dominance and it will be clear while a deep inspiration in creating a design is so important. Inspiration driven design is not so much just one of the web development concepts designers should know but it is the very basis of an impressive work in shaping a web presence.

  7. Design that expresses an organic personality
  8. Just think won't you prefer something that has a lively organic root and becoming rather than something produced automatically and lacks cozy personified human touches? Yes, even though we are overwhelmed by a virtual world with technological brilliance we still yearn for human touches in the intrinsic design and shape of things and that is no different when we talk of web design. Website design that expresses an organic personality can communicate to the web users far more effectively and passionately than so called sites lacking any personality traits. So creating a website with distinct personality traits is most important for a dominant web presence.

  9. Know your audience in detail and leave room for knowing more
  10. Web is an interactive space in its intrinsic nature and will continue to be so for as long as it would exist and this is the precise reason why you never can be sure of your user and web behavior. Actually the moment you take web users for granted you are in a big fault and just any day be ready to give the price in terms of decreasing traffic. Knowing your users and leaving always more room for further knowing through continuing interactions on your web pages is the key to remain updated regarding your user's preference. Making rigorous interactive features work for knowing your web users is one aspect that deserves to be among the top 10 web development concepts.

  11. Lucid and flexible design that can change itself as per need
  12. Web development and design should always be lucid and fluid enough to have enough flexible space for quick things to happen whenever needed. Designing a website that is flexible to change and incorporation of any element is a very important aspect of website designing. As the devise space and for that matter the whole web space is continuing to change at a faster space you just cannot afford to be rigid and cannot afford to start from the scratch once such changes deserves to be addressed with an appropriate shift in the shape and design of the website.

  13. Clear, bold design with much white space
  14. There are too many websites that look like a colorful zombie as a first impression with too many aspects jumbled together in a chaos. Most of the time these websites do not make at all an impression and the users quickly passes on to some other site. On the other hand a clear, minimalist and bold design with least or no clutter and a lot of white space can just make your user focus on your offerings separately and invoke genuine interest in them. Clearing yourself from clutter and looking clean and bold is just not one of the web development concepts designers should know but it is the necessity of the day.

  15. Emphasis should follow a priority
  16. Giving everything equal emphasis is more like giving vent to full blown shouting of everyone within a room and obviously the effect is utter annoyance, boredom, monotony or frustration and in case of websites that is just enough to drive your users to nuts and losing your web traffic. So putting your emphasis clearly as per the priority of content or presentation is very important.

  17. Manipulate other's concepts, don't steal
  18. Sometimes unique concepts seem to be too rare and designers seem to be too much burdened by the web conventions to try something drastically different and they just go around the junk that are already there. But while many designers and developers just steal the design aspects from other sites in ditto without incorporating their own element, some developers and designers remain even creative in borrowing elements from others, because they give to these borrowed things their own creative twists and make them look entirely different and consequently make an impressive web presence.

  19. Innovative way to let social network work

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To talk of web development concepts designers should know we cannot just ignore the huge importance of incorporating social networking elements within the web design space and as niche social network is slowly gaining more focus in comparison to all-in-one-pool biggies of social networking, in the time to come web developers and designers will have a big choice of array of different social networking sites and have to prioritize according to the focused theme, content and purposive aspects.