Top 10 Web Development Skills You Need

To talk about top 10 web development skills you need we face a great range of skill sets that a web designer or developer must master to compete as a crowd puller in the modern tech savvy web environment. Here is our brief introduction to some of the most preferred web development skills.

Top 10 Web Development Skills You Need

For a successful web designer there are great array of parameters but nothing is so important as to learn the basic first and have a good grasp over them and once you do that the real challenge of making a website for traffic and business conversion comes. To talk about top 10 web development skills you need we face a great range of skill sets that a web designer or developer must master to compete as a crowd puller in the modern tech savvy web environment that no longer runs on one standard of devices but encompass array of devices with diverse size, look, feel and user friendly features. Most important of all you require to be equipped with larger skill sets as you never know the next turn of the trend in the too uncertain web space. But it is also true that you can only learn these skills on a continuous basis as you can focus on your priority as per the most imminent job to be done. Here is our brief introduction to some of the most preferred web development skills.

  1. SEO
  2. SEO or search engine optimization is not that much a skill set, but it is the very basis of your web address to get traffic and so without a knowledge in depth about how to influence and lure traffic to your site through search engine hits, you cannot cut a mark as a web developer. While Black Hat SEO or all those backdoor SEO techniques are already severe enough to let you reach the bottom, it is predominantly White Hat SEO tactics that you have to focus to make a mark on search ranks.

  3. HTML 5
  4. HTML is the basic web language to upload your material to the web audience and for any web developer it is just the first building block or basic knowledge to converse with before going to acquire other web development skills. HTML 5, the latest version of the language equipped with many features that are particularly important for delivering the website look and feel across various platforms and devices has now became the standard skill set for a web developer.

  5. Ecommerce Integration Skill
  6. While websites doing retail business or having involvement in any B2B business model to run on the web platform ecommerce integration into their development of web features is the very basic requirement, today as web space increasingly becoming a preferred zone for more rigorous commercial activity, integration of some ecommerce features into the site design and development is almost a common thing and hence, you should start learning that skill set.

  7. CMS
  8. Content is the king, so it is said by the majority of the webmasters across different web zones and so befittingly content management systems of diverse range can really be decisive in proving your skill as a web designer or developer. From Wordpress to Drupal to Joomla to ExpressionEngine, all are popular CMS platforms serving millions of websites and so you at least need to have a good grasp over few of them to solidify your web development skills. A website is primarily visited for content and so learning a range of CMS skills definitely would make your foundation expressly strong.

  9. Flash
  10. From creating interesting navigation features to smart animations to videos or graphic widgets, without Flash you cannot give all these hi-tech looking, trendy yet attractive effects to your designed web pages. There are millions of websites from simple informative content based websites to ecommerce sites, the use of Flash is everywhere and you cannot think yourself to turn into a competent web developer without Flash.

  11. Social Media applications
  12. Social media sites are just not followed with a few links here and there in the modern web environment, corresponding to their deep trotting penetration they are presented in web sites with complete application skill sets belonging to them and unquestionably these skill sets make better marketing and fetch business. After Facebook and MySpace opened up their robust API for the web developers, these opened a new door to develop applications based on their API. Social media applications are a strong business propositions and they deserves to be mastered for the benefit of the site.

  13. JavaScript
  14. Without referring to JavaScript definitely our introduction to top 10 web development skills is supposed to remain incomplete to the core. JavaScript library is the basis of developing custom functionality on the web besides providing other smart features that augment the web experience in many regards. JavaScript is also the most preferred web development skill for creating web extensions.

  15. Mobile Applications
  16. Today how your web design or developed web page will look on the desktop or standard computer screen matters little, it matters more how it would look on the mobile phone screens or handheld devices since majority of the world's internet users access internet on these new range of handheld devices. Moreover if you can master the skill set for developing mobile friendly applications you definitely add firepower to your professional competence as these applications are increasingly becoming standard for web development skills.

  17. CSS
  18. Knowing all your applications and different databases and their use will not help if you do not know how they will interact with your design, how they will make the design after all possible. CSS is precisely the tool that ultimately determines your design and more accurately to tell how the design will look and so besides other important considerations it undoubtedly deserves to be one of the top 10 web development skills you need to become a complete web developer.

  19. Knowledge of Framework

These days, frameworks are increasingly becoming important as tools for web development. Now, web developers can build a website much faster than earlier with the help of these frameworks. Frameworks most essentially save your valuable time and energy from performing array of repetitive tasks that you have to do in regular programming job and this is the precise factor behind the huge popularity of some commonly referred framework tools like MVC frameworks, Rails, Django, CakePHP, Symphony and many others.