Top 10 Web Applications

To choose a list of top 10 web applications. In selecting our preferred web applications we would like to represent the ones with most unquestionable dominance in every category like web browser, web security, web chat, social media, SEO, web design, online education or E-learning, e-business, utility and storage.

Top 10 Web Applications

When new and newer range of web based applications are virtually changing our computing experience almost beyond recognition and when applications are guiding all our daily utilities from the handheld devices, it is really a hard task to choose a list of top 10 web applications. The choice is huge and similar to choosing some special ones from the crowd of millions even though some stalwarts with their famed banners are already too distinct to recognize from long way afar. In selecting our preferred web applications we would like to represent the ones with most unquestionable dominance in every category like web browser, web security, web chat, social media, SEO, web design, online education or E-learning, e-business, utility and storage. Still there are a lot of categories that we would fail to cover but in that sense you never can be complete in presenting a selection. Here are our picks on top 10 web applications.

Web browser

  1. Google Chrome
  2. There is hardly any challenge to the monopoly of Google as the world's most preferred search engine, but Chrome though has the highest market share it is well contested by several other browsers. Chrome is fast, mobile ready, smart and most important of all most customizable. With Google spearheading the search engine and Gmail being the leading email service, Chrome in the days to come will only expand.

    Web security

  3. Avast
  4. Among the wide array of web applications meant to function as a full-fledged internet security and antivirus tool Avast is probably the leanest option. With its simple interface you can scan your computer, watch statistics and scan files, mails, P2P programs and URLs. With automatic update, browser cleanup tool and a lot more security options it truly a formidable option, especially when the application is free.

    Web or Video Chat

  5. Skype
  6. Skype is not that popular as a simple messenger service or chat option, but rather as a video chat tool. There is hardly any doubt about the leading popularity of this Microsoft application. It is a cross platform device available across multiple devices and platforms with seamless and easy to use interface. From a Skype interview to Skype meeting of friends and family there is a little bit of Skype in the life of people who yearn to see their close ones at a distance.

    Social Media

  7. Facebook
  8. This social media site and its online application became so popular and widespread that we began to call an entire generation by its name. Yes, the average web user can really be divided into two gross groups, people who use Facebook and people who do not. Whether to share your very personal wishes and sensitivities with a selected few over the internet or to post a mind boggling web content for a broader readership connected via Facebook or to promote your products, services, blogs or anything to the internet community, there is no social media platform so deep, rigorous and encompassing.


  9. Google Analytics
  10. For any SEO campaign or for any webmaster depending upon the SEO for business output, analysis of the site's performance and competition analysis is a must and who can better do that any better than Google who decides the search rank? Google Analytics contrary to some popular opinions is not just a medium level tool for SEO, rather it offers every advanced level features for SEO experts besides being equally user friendly for the beginners. From web page speed to measuring link portfolio and performance to content performance, Google Analytics makes everything laid bare to see and improve.

    Web Design

  11. Adobe Photoshop
  12. Yes, even though it is much well known as commercial software for photo editing, it nevertheless offers one of the best web applications for image editing. This smart, sleazy application is regarded as the web designer's daily tool.


  13. GeoGebra
  14. There are hundreds of web applications geared towards educational purposes online and many of them are equally good not to leave any chances for making a singular choice. GeoGebra is an online application or software for mathematics that can work on multiple platforms. It is equipped to deal with all levels of education and includes all mathematical specialties like geometry, algebra, calculus, graphing, tables, statistics and many others in a single user friendly package. On top of all it is a free software and receiver of several international awards.


  16. Simply the gigantic growth of this dedicated website is the sure proof of its dominance in the category of business specific web applications. It is true that thanks to this widely popular business application customer relationship management or CRM as a software tool has come to the aid of small business enterprises rather than being encapsulated in the hands of top MNCs. As an application it is so vast that one never exhausts its complete features in use yet it is so affordably priced that any shop owner even can think of using it for augmenting his business process.


  17. Evernote
  18. Another cloud server based application that is really fun for multitude of uses, though Evernote is particularly not appreciated because of its cloud offerings but rather the seamless benefits as writing, mail saving, note taking and bookmarking tool. Either you are in classroom or in corporate meeting or at a glance looking over a mail in a hurry, you can always put notes, save memos, bookmark a page or write a note anywhere on any device and just can access the same from elsewhere. Evernote never let you forget your priority and that is enough to explain the popularity of this web application./p>

    Cloud Storage

  19. Dropbox

Cloud is for sometime widely and rightly speculated as the future of computing and if one aspect of cloud already made its mark among the web users and applications it is unquestionably storage. Yes, who does not want to access his files and data across the devices irrespective of location and time? Dropbox in popularity is the top of the choice cloud storage now. There are many factors behind the popularity of this too well known cloud application including supporting all types of platforms in multiple devices, a robust third party web developer community that continue to take advantage of developing new applications using its API, etc. On web you can find thousands of other applications that use Dropbox as their cloud storage and that adds more edge to improve the general standard of the service.