Top 10 Web Development Languages

The web development languages are very basic to be embraced by almost every developer like JavaScript or HTML, some are more specific to the developer?s or designer?s focus in their web development initiative. Here are our picks on top 10 web development languages.

Top 10 Web Development Languages

Top 10 Web Development Languages

For a web designer or a web developer a grasp on few most crucial web development languages is a must as they are the very materials of their web development project. While some of these web development languages are very basic to be embraced by almost every developer like JavaScript or HTML , some are more specific to the developer's or designer's focus in their web development initiative. For some years as mobile devices are becoming the main point of internet access across the globe website development or designing is also following the trend from programming perspective because offering the augmented features and appearance in mobile or handheld devices is no more just a choice but an irreplaceable necessity. While offshoot Java based web programming languages like JavaScript are still most popular among variety of web development languages, variety of programming languages over the years only grown in prominence like Ruby, Python, Perl, PHP, etc. Here are our picks on top 10 web development languages.

  1. C Language
  2. C is probably the oldest programming language to have such a widespread impact and use across web domains. C is the primary language upon which most of the major web programming languages are developed and the array of languages that are now considered pillars of web development could not be possible without C. From java to C++ to Perl to Python to JavaScript - C is the backbone to all these languages. It is the most versatile programming language which is used in every category of software and all programming languages used C in one way or another.

  3. JavaScript
  4. Undoubtedly if you want to name one web development language with unmatched popularity it is JavaScript which is the most popular client side programming language till date. While it uses syntax much similar to C, it makes the web page most dynamic. Without JavaScript you simply cannot think of a web programming language, simply because it is irreplaceable to make the web page interactive and dynamic, especially at a time when responsiveness of web page is the topmost priority from a developer's point of view. Besides HTML it is the second most web friendly component for any programmer.

  5. C++
  6. Though originally developed from the pioneering C language it came to make object oriented support and memory management possible in more smarter and easier way. For all types of high performance software applications and drivers this language is simply irreplaceable. From device driver software, web applications to embedded software to video games, in any high performance software programming C++ is the most widely used language till date.

  7. HTML
  8. The web that we see, experience and relate to day in day out has been fundamentally built upon HTML and that is the reason why it is still the most popular among the web development languages. Combined with JavaScript and CSS this language can provide the web page most advanced interactive and responsive features including geo-location capabilities, video capabilities and web storage. With the latest HTML 5 is in place with lot of smooth mobile friendly features, it became smarter for the developers to use HTML now.

  9. PHP
  10. As a backend server side programming language PHP is one of the most popular ones that are in use across the world's web biggies including Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Wikipedia and almost a majority of giants of every sphere. Presently with more than 20 millions web servers with PHP installed in them it is one of the most popular programming languages. PHP is typically a language that can be embedded directly into HTML documents.

  11. Python
  12. Python is another most web friendly programming language that is widely in use across millions of websites. It is typically an object oriented programming language that a developer can use in many ways. Among most of the web development languages Python mainly stresses on readability more than anything else in particular. The typical uniform and streamlined character of the syntax in Python allows the programmer to develop any concept with less code and in a quicker as well as smarter fashion.

  13. Visual Basic
  14. Without graphical user interface we cannot think of web and visual basic is just the language to address that particular aspect. The most important of all with this language complex program can be written in hours to put the desired usability into effect. Visual Basic allows rapid application development utilizing data access objects, active X controls and remote data objects so that behind the screen various objects can be glued together quickly to form the GUI. It is also one of the topmost languages in terms of popularity among the beginners.

  15. Perl
  16. This is one of the few web development languages that are equally popular and hated for the same reason. It can express any complex and elaborate statement most concisely, but this which is considered to be its greatest strength is often considered as its greatest weakness as well. It is considered to be the most preferred languages for the system administrators across the globe.

  17. XML
  18. Until HTML 5 was there XML was best regarded as the most mobile device friendly markup language for the programmer and still is one of the most popular ones in that respect. Extensible Markup Language or XML is used for document encoding much in the fashion of HTML , but there is a slight difference of focus. While HTML mainly is about the display of the document, XML is also about transporting and storing of data.

  19. MySQL

A database is the ultimate solace of a programmer and without a database website development is simply unthinkable. When you think of a database language among the web development languages in terms of popularity you cannot go any further than MySQL which is unquestionably the most widely sought after database at this moment. From Facebook, YouTube, Yahoo to Wikipedia to millions of websites around the world - MySQL is synonymous to database language.