TensorFlow Tutorials

Learn TensorFlow from scratch and start developing machine learning programs that runs on distributed clusters. This TensorFlow tutorial covers basics and advanced topics.

TensorFlow Tutorials

TensorFlow tutorials and examples

In this section we are providing many tutorials and example of TensorFlow machine learning framework. TensorFlow is powerful, opensource, numerical computing framework developed by Google. This programming language is used to design, develop and deploy neural network based large scale machine learning systems. TensorFlow supports CPU, GUP and TPU for running computations across the clusters.

This software was developed by Google Brain team under the name RankBrain, on 26 October 2015 it was released as Open Source framework (named TensorFlow). Since then it is being used by developer to develop and run large scale machine learning system. Currently its one of the top project on GitHub and its source code can be accessed from this website. Its available for Windows, Linux and Unix variants as pre-compiled binary. Developers can also download the source code and compile it on their machine.

TensorFlow is developed in C++ which provides maximum portability over different platform, as we just need to compile it for host platform. Google is promising to provide light version for iOS and Android.

APIs for Python, c++, Haskell, Java and Go programming languages are available to create programs for TensorFlow. Third party libraries like Julia, R and Scala also provides support for TensorFlow.

Here we are giving you extensive tutorials of TensorFlow computational programming language.
Tutorials and Examples of TensorFlow:

  1. What is TensorFlow?
  2. Why TensorFlow is called TensorFlow?
  3. Installing TensorFlow on Windows 10
  4. Installing TensorFlow on windows with Anaconda
  5. Hello World Program in TensorFlow
  6. Variables in TensorFlow

TensorFlow Tutorials

TensorFlow releases

Here are the list of TensorFlow versions and its features:

TensorFlow Installation Tutorials