TensorFlow 2.0 Tutorial

Learning TensorFlow 2.0 is easier now as we have large collection of TensorFlow 2.0 tutorials. Learn TensorFlow 2.0 here with our tutorials and example of TensorFlow 2.0.

TensorFlow 2.0 Tutorial

TensorFlow 2.0 Tutorial - Learning and Mastering TensorFlow 2.0 from beginning

We to our TensorFlow 2.0 tutorials, here you will get started with the TensorFlow 2.0 with our tutorials which will make master various machine learning techniques using TensorFlow 2.0. TensorFlow 2.0 is currently in beta version, but soon it will be released for production. So, let's get started and learn it from beginning.

The TensorFlow 2.0 is one of the big news in the machine and deep learning industry. TensorFlow bring a lot of new things including Keras and eager execution. If we compare it with the previous version of TensorFlow 1.x then we will find that there are many changes in the TensorFlow 2.0. Now TensorFlow 2.0 requires less coding and also provides default eager execution feature.

TensorFlow is one of most famous open-source machine learning and deep learning library for developing enterprise grade large scale projects which can learn from huge amount of data. TensorFlow is very powerful mathematical computation  library and it is integrated with the Keras libraries for easy development of machine learning models. TensorFlow can be used for developing machine learning models which can work with the text, images, videos, sound or any sort of data. TensorFlow is from Google and once of the  most active deep learning projects around the world.

TensorFlow lite is also released by Google as open source project which helps developers to use machine learning on the edge devices. The TensorFlow lite is available for Android, iOS and web browser.

For web browser TensorFlow.js is released by Google which bring machine learning to the web. Developers can various versions TensorFlow for developing wide variety of applications for different platform.

In this section we are providing you tutorials of TensorFlow 2.0. After completing all these tutorials you will be able to use TensorFlow 2.0 and Keras for your next machine learning projects.

TensorFlow 2.0 Tutorial

Let's get started with the exciting world of deep learning with TensorFlow 2.0.

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