What is TensorFlow?

TensorFlow is mathematical programming language which is used for developing machine learning/deep learning programs.

What is TensorFlow?

What is TensorFlow and what is its use?

In this article we will discuss about TensorFlow, which is new and very popular programming language. TensorFlow is used in machine learning and deep learning field. It is used for designing, developing, training and deploying deep learning models which can run in clusters to provide fast processing. TensorFlow is programming language from Google Brain team which created wonderful piece of software to revolutionize the machine learning field.

In traditional programming we develop the program by writing instruction to accomplish a task and then deploy this program to computer. The job of computer is to just execute all the instruction as given in the program. In the traditional programming computer do not add their intelligence in solving a business problem.

In the case of machine learning developer design, train and deploy machine learning model on the computing system. Computer uses the training data to come up with their own rules to solve a business problem. Machine learning is a huge task and many mathematical algorithms are used. It is compute intensive task where machine learns from the previous data (supplied data) and come up with their own rules to provide insight into of business data.

These days Big Data is getting very popular among businesses to making critical business decision using the technologies. Big Data is a  pool of huge data set collected by organization through various means and it requires machine learning to get most out of the data. Big Data and machine learning is being used in various industries to get insight of business data.

What is TensorFlow?

TensorFlow is an open-source programming language from Google which is used for developing and deploying deep learning neural  networks. Google Brain team developed this programming language for internal use for deep learning and processing huge data sets. TensorFlow was released under Apache 2.0 open source licence on 09-November-2015.

This programming langue is used to find hidden tends in the data using various mathematical algorithms and deep neural networks. TensorFlow is developed in C++ and its available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS. TensorFlow runs on CPU, GPU and TPU with efficiency.

Python API is available to develop program for TensorFlow, which can run on the TensorFlow cluster.

Steps to use TensorFlow:

  1. Create Model (Computational graph)
  2. Train Model with feeding data - Training is usually done with the past data sets which finally generates the trained model
  3. Validating the model - You can check the accuracy of your model with the new data set and observing its prediction
  4. Finally trained model is deployed in production
  5. If data set changes or new type of data is introduced you can train your model again

What is the user of TensorFlow?

TensorFlow is deep learning framework based on the neural network which works analogous (but not like) to human brain. It employs the computational graph (Neural network) for machine learning. Google is using TensorFlow for Google Search, Gmail, Speech recognition,  Google Photos and many other places. TensorFlow is mathematical computational framework which is used to employ mathematical theory to solve many data computational program.

Here are various uses of TensorFlow:

  1. Voice Recognition - TensorFlow neural network is used in voice recognition, voice search, sentimental analysis etc...
  2. Text based analysis - TensoFlow is used to perform various text analysis like sentimental analysis, threat detection and fraud detection.
  3. Image recognition - TensorFlow is can be used for various type of analysis on image and video like Face Recognition, Image Search, Motion Detection, Machine Vision and Photo Clustering.
  4. Anomaly Detection - It can be used to detect anomaly in various types data and mostly used to detect Anomaly in machine data.
  5. Financial Data analysis - Various types of machine learning and financial data analytics can be done with the TensorFlow programming language.
  6. Bio-Informatics - Can used to perform various types of data analysis in bio-informatics field. It enables to perform biological sequence analysis at very fast speed and more system can be added to process the data fast.
  7. Medical field - For analyzing various data and trial in the medicine research field.
  8. Finance and Banking sector - Finance and banking sectors can use the power of neural network based deep learning to get insight of their data.
  9. E-commerce field - Machine learning and deep learning can be used to learn customers behaviour so that new ways to in increase sales can be identified.
  10. Time Series data processing - Many different algorithms can be implemented in TensorFlow to analyze Time Series data in meaning full way.

There are tons of use of TensorFlow in machine learning and data science. Google compute engine can be used to process huge data sets as Google is renting compute system which supports TensorFlow programming language.