Reserved words in R Programming

I this tutorial we are going to see the reserved words in R Programming language.

Reserved words in R Programming

Reserved Words of R Programming Language

Every programming language reserves certain words and it can be used in making variables in the Programming language source code. In this tutorial we are going to explore the reserved key words of R Programming language.

In R Programming langue reserved words are special words which is important in this programming language. The reserved words can't be used for making variables or similar things in R Programming language.

If developer uses these words program will throw error and won't work. So, as R programmer you should first learn these reserved words and don't use it in making variables.

These reserved words can't be used to make any identifiers such as variables, functions etc...

Here is the list of reserved words in R Programming:

if else repeat while
function for in next
Inf NaN NA NA_integer_
NA_real_ NA_complex_ NA_character_  

You can't use these as identifiers in R Programming language.

You can find names all these reserved words by typing:

> ?reserved

on the rgui console.

In this tutorial we have understood the reserved words in R Programming language.

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