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What are the Prerequisites to Learn R Programming?

In this article we are explaining you the Prerequisites to Learn R Programming.

What are the Prerequisites to Learn R Programming and what to go about learning R Programming?

R Programming language is designed for statistical computing and generation of graphics. R Programming language is distributed as GNU package. This software is available for Linux and windows. You can download and this software for your computer and start learning it. We also provide Online R Programming training online and you can learn it from our online training.

These days R Programming language is used to find trends and other relationship among the datasets using various statistics. It is also used to generate various graphs from the data.

So, most important pre-requisite are:ADS_TO_REPLACE_1

  • Knowledge of statistics theory in mathematics
  • You should have solid understanding of statistics in mathematics
  • Understanding of various type of graphs for data representation
  • Prior knowledge of any programming

Who is using R Programming?

R Programming language is statistical analysis software which is becoming very popular and used by:

  • Statisticians - Generating various statistics and reports from data sets
  • Data miners - Analyzing huge set of data and generating reports from large pool of data
  • Software developers - For developing various statistical analysis and reporting software

What are the Prerequisites to Learn R Programming and what to go about learning R Programming?

Due to power of R Programming language its popularity has increased substantially in recent years. New job opening are coming for R Programmers and its job prospects are good.ADS_TO_REPLACE_2

How to learn R Programming?

R Programming language is basically statistical analysis software package which can be used to analyze data using various statistical mathematical theories. So, you should have knowledge of statics in mathematics and various theories of statistics in mathematics.

If we see the syntax of R Programming language, then its procedural programming language and it does not support object oriented programming? But if you are from Object oriented programming such as Java field then you will find it little difficult but gradually you can grab the concept and learn it with experiments.

For statistics concepts intermediate level mathematics knowledge is enough to start with and you can learn advance mathematics along with learning of R Programming. If you don't know statistics or forgot mathematics then spend some time and learn it from your old mathematics books (hope you old books are with you).ADS_TO_REPLACE_3

What tool is used for learning R Programming?

Various development tools are available for easy R Programming and testing. These tools will help you in coding and executing programs. Here are list of tools used for R Programming:

  • RStudio - Its open source tool for R Programming.
  • Eclipse - Eclipse plugin are available for R Programming
  • Visual Studio - You can also use Microsoft Visual Studio for R Programming. You have to install R Tools for Visual Studio and use it for R Programming

Online R Programming Training

We offer online and classroom training course on R Programming language. Training course start with the basics of R Programming language and then teaches you to write first example. Initially you will learn to download and install RStudio on your windows computer. Then instructor will learn you the basics of programming language and writing your first application in R Programming language. As course progresses you will learn language fundamentals, using for data analysis and finally the advanced concepts of R Programming language.

Contact us with your training requirement and we will get back to you with the offers. We also provide R programming corporate training classes, if you have such requirement get back to us.ADS_TO_REPLACE_4

Contact us at [email protected] for your training requirements.

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