Downloading and Installing RStudio

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Downloading and Installing RStudio

In this tutorial we will download and install R Studio for learning/development of R Based programs.

In this tutorial we will download and install R Studio for learning/development of R Based programs.

Installing RStudio on Windows 10

In this tutorial we are going to download and install RStudio for application development on Windows 10 desktop computer. RStudio community is open source tool for development of R based programs.

It is one of the best Integrated Development environment for R Programs. RStudio comes in open source and commercial versions. Open source RStudio is IDE for developers to develop and test R programs.

RStudio tool is developed only for R Programming and provides many features like syntax highlighter, automatic code compilation and feature of running programs from the RStudio itself.

RStudio is available for multiple platforms and currently it supports:

  • Windows
  • Max
  • Linux

Downloading RStudio

To download RStudio visit and then then click on the link "DOWNLOAD RSTUDIO DESKTOP" as shown below:

Download R Studio

Then it will show you another page and here you click on the "DOWNLOAD" link. Now you have to select the appropriate link based on your operating system as shown below:

RStudio installer

Now click on the RStudio 1.0.123-Windows Vista/7/8/10 link to download it for windows 10 machine. After download you can run the installer to install RStudio on windows 10 computer.

Now double click on the RStudio-1.0.143.exe file to start installation process. Installer will following screen:

Installing RStudio

Click "Next >" start the installation process.

In the following screen you can leave the default value or change the default location.

Installing R Studio

Click "Next >" to go on the final step of installation.

R studio tutorials

Now click on the "Install" button to start the installation process.

To open RStudio, search it from start in windows 10 and run.

Following is the screen shot of the RStudio:

RStudio Interface

From onwards here we will be using the RStudio for the development of examples and projects.

RStutio is great tool for development and running of R Programs. 

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