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R Programming Training Course

We offer R Programming Training to corporate and individuals through various means. Here are R Programming Training Course topics that we are offering to students.

Our R Programming Training Course for online and class training sessions

We are offering online, onsite, classroom and weekend training in R Programming language. You can join any of these training classes to learn R Programming language fast. We have well researched and produced concise and yet complete training material in R Programming language. In this section we are providing listing out our R Programming Training Course topics.

If you are looking for corporate and personal training then we can also offer customized content for your training needs. We can well customize R Programming Training Course for corporate customers to meet their unique training needs. We also offer R Programming Training Course to the corporate looking to train their existing software development team to add R Programming in their skill sets.

Individuals from around the world can enroll in the online training and join group classes to learn R Programming language in less possible time. We at Rose India Technologies Pvt. Ltd offers well researched training online to the students.ADS_TO_REPLACE_1

You learn and experiment with the R Programming technologies to get enough skills to work on the R Programming based software development project. R Programming language is very high in demand these days and changes of getting highly paid job is very high.

R Programming Training Course

Here are our R Programming Training CourseADS_TO_REPLACE_2

Introduction to R Programming

In the first session you will be introduced with the R Programming language and learn following topics

  • What is R?
  • What is the use of R Programming Language?
  • Downloading and install R
  • Introduction to R development environment
  • Download and install RStudio
  • Create and run simple program

R Data Structure

All the programming language offers their data structures for easy programming, in this session we will learn about R Data Structures

  • Variables in R
  • Scalars
  • Vectors
  • Matrices
  • List
  • Data Frames
  • Functions like c, Cbind, Rbind, attach and detach in R Programming
  • Factors in R Programming

Importing and using data in R Programming language

In this session we will learn how to use data from various sources in R Programming language. Following topics are covered:ADS_TO_REPLACE_3

  • Reading Tabular Data from files
  • Reading CSV files
  • Importing data from Excel files
  • Importing data from SAS
  • Accessing database data
  • Saving data in R data format
  • Loading R data objects
  • Writing to files

Manipulating Data in R

In this session we will learn to manipulate data through R Programming. Topics covered are:

  • Selecting rows/observations
  • Selecting columns/fields through R programming
  • How to merge data in R Programming?
  • Labeling/Relabeling the column names
  • Converting variable types in R
  • Data sorting in R Programming language
  • What is data aggregation and how to do it in R Programming?

Functions in R Programming Language

In this session we will learn about various functions provided with the R Programming languages, here are the topics:

  • Mathematical Functions
  • Summary Functions
  • User defined Functions
  • String Functions
  • Understanding local and global variables in R Programming Language

Looping and Control statements

In this section we will learn about looping and control statement of R Programming language. Following topics are covered:ADS_TO_REPLACE_4

  • While loop
  • If loop
  • For loop in R
  • Arithmetic operations in R Programming Language

Various Charts and Plots in R

Finally we will learn how to represent the data using various charts and plots offered in R Programming Language. In this session following topics are covered:

  • Box Plot
  • Histogram
  • Pareto Charts
  • Pie Graph
  • Line Chart
  • Scattered plot
  • How to generate graphs

Finally after training session we will also provide you post training support by forum and email. Contact us for your training need and we will get back to you with schedule.

Contact us at [email protected] for your training requirements.

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