New to Java programming


New to Java programming

Are you new to the Java programming Language? Start learning the programming concepts and master the development of desktop, web and mobile application development.

Are you new to the Java programming Language? Start learning the programming concepts and master the development of desktop, web and mobile application development.

New to Java Programming? How to learn and master Java programming language in less time?

I am new to Java, how I can learn Java programming Language?

Java is a programming language which you can use to develop the Desktop, web , Mobile Application.
So, first thing in learning the Java programming language is to learn the core of the Java programming language. Java programming language is still very famous and top used programming language for application development. Beginners must learn Java along with many other programming languages for making bright career in IT field.

Java programmers are well paid in the software industry and lots of jobs are available for the experienced Java developers. Check the article What are the prerequisites for learning Java? for getting complete details about learning this exciting programming language.

You must also check following articles:

Core Java

This main programming language is also known as the Core Java programming. In core Java programming you should learn the core concepts of Java programming language and learn how to use these concepts to make Java programs.

The main things in Core Java are:

  • Java Variables - Learn to create and use variables in your Java program.
  • Java Operators - Java operators are used for performing various operations on the objects or variables. Learn Java Operators in detail because you will be using these features of Java very frequently in your programming.
  • Java Statement - In this section you will learn various statements in Java.
  • Access Modifier - Access Modifiers are used to restrict the access of variables/objects to the outside world in Java.
  • Class & Object - The Class and & Objects concepts are part of OOPs principals in Java and you should learn it in great detail.
  • Constructor - How are the different types of constructors in Java and how to use them?
  • Interface - Interfaces in Java is used to define the classes which avoid the implementations.
  • OOPs concepts - The is very import and you must learn it.
  • Java API Classes - Learn various API's provided in Java.
  • Threading - Learn Java threading concepts in detail at Threading in Java tutorials section.

After learning above concepts you can move on to the Advanced Java.

Here is the video tutorial:

Advanced Java

The Advanced Java includes the following main topics:

New to Java programming Language - Video tutorial

Web Application Development

After learning the Advanced Java you should the web application development in Java. For beginning the web application development JSP and Servlets are the first things you should learn.

Java Framework

Once you are comfortable with all the above concepts you should learn the Frameworks used to develop the Web applications. Here is the list of Frameworks you should learn.

After learning all these technologies you will be able to develop enterprise application. Later on you will be learning the new concepts while working on your project.

Most of the time developer keeps on learning the new things while working on the project as each project brings new challenges. You have to solve the technical difficulties to bring something meaningful for your clients as per their business requirement.
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