Importance of Java for Mobile Application Development

The Importance of Learning Java for Mobile App Development - If you want to master the Android application development then learn Java


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Java for Mobile Application Development - Check the importance of Java

As a mobile app developer you already know that android is the most popular mobile app platform with largest number of devices running on this. It's already a common knowledge that android is based upon Java. Naturally Java being the core of android is likely to be the most preferred language for aspiring android developers. If you want to master the skill of android development you have no option but to learn Java.

Do lately there have been other languages that can be used for coding android mobile apps Java is still considered to be the standard language for android mobile app development. If you are already acquainted with the power and flexibility of android platform you must know that all these qualities can be attributed to Java. Like the huge contribution job are made in developing modern web it also emerged as the most important programming language for android mobile app development.

Key aspects that make Java invincible for mobile app developers

Java as a programming language has been there for more than two decades and it is still one of the most popular and widely used programming languages world over. The popularity and phenomenal growth of Java as the preferred programming language for multiple platforms became possible thanks to its core features that include the following:

  1. Java is easy to learn and quick to master for new developers
  2. Java has been developed as the platform independent language that can be deployed using virtual missions
  3. Java is object-oriented language with unmatched flexibility
  4. Java is versatile to incorporate variety of features and different applications.
  5. Java ensures top notch security in different programming and running environments
  6. Java comes packed with a huge variety of inbuilt tools and IDEs to ensure diverse applications.
  7. Being there for 22 years as the most popular programming language it boasts of a huge community of developers and programmers.
  8. When programming with Java you can always access any kind of resources from the Java community and huge number of tools available for free.

Why Java is invincible for multi-platform development?

At a time when cross-platform development takes the lead over platform specific development, you need to develop your source code in language that offers flexible multiplatform deployment and in that regard Java comes as supreme.

Java becomes particularly invincible for mobile app development because of its platform independence. While with most programming languages you invariably need a compiler to minimise the size of your code to fit into the machine Java allows you the flexibility to use portable code across the machines thanks to the source files widely known as ‘bytecode’ in the world of Java programmers. This byte code operated by Java virtual machine across the devices allow Java to become platform independent and easily deploy the same code across different device platforms.

Finally to conclude we must refer to the undermatched remuneration and career growth which is promised for proficient Java developers. As for top-notch career opportunity for programmers and mobile app developers still proficiency in Java is a crucial consideration for most employers.