How to Ensure Safe Remote Connections with Java Solutions

What should organizations do to secure company data in case their employees are working remotely? How to keep your remote access secure?

How to Ensure Safe Remote Connections with Java Solutions

Securing Remote Connection - How to Ensure Safe Remote Connections with Java Solutions

Securing remote connection is very important while your team members are working from home and they are joining using the public internet. During the development of Java or any other technologies based project you can rely on the secure remote connection to commit your code to the company?s remote repository. Also during the application development you have to send the application to the client or a team for testing. In such cases you need a secure connection to transfer project artifacts, so use of a secure remote connection is very important and you should use enterprise grade solutions.

In this post we are exploring the importance of securing remote connections if you are working on Java or any other technologies projects and you have to send code to your company repositories. Also secure connection is very important while sending the project build for client or for the QA team.

Since more and more workers are now working in offsite locations, the more there is a need for secure remote access for device management and remote support. Sometimes it can be challenging to keep the access and control of your organization secure. However, secure remote access solutions can make the process simpler.

What Does Remote Access Solutions Do?

Remote access technology offers a lot of benefits. Remote access solutions include software and tools that are used for providing access to devices and computers in different locations. This can help organizations in providing authorized access to computers and devices to establish management and remote support. In other words, you will need remote access software so you will be able to establish remote control to offsite devices.

What is Secure Remote Access?

By using Secure Remote Access, remote workers will be able to securely access their company?s network over the internet. In addition, it can provide your company a secure internet portal, so you can offer access to data, applications, and content to your targeted users such as business partners, employees, as well as the general public.

Secure Remote Access provides remote access to services and content from any remote computers or devices. Secure Remote Access can be accessed by users from any device using a Java technology-enabled browser. This means that you do not need client software anymore. By incorporating it with Portal Server, you can ensure that the users have secure access to the services and content that they are authorized to access.

Secure Remote Access software is designed for organizations that provide highly secure remote access portals. The focus of these portals are protection, security, and privacy of intranet resources. The design of Secure Remote Access is perfect for these portals. With Secure Remote Access software, users will be able to access these intranet resources securely using the internet without the risk of exposing these resources online.

How to Keep Remote Connections Secure?

It is important to maintain security when employees are working remotely, whether they are using Wi-Fi connection or wired connection. Companies should employ the necessary security measures to avoid cyber threats. Multiple measures should be used to ensure effectiveness on your cybersecurity.

Choose an Appropriate Remote Access Software

There are three ways that you can secure employees that are working online. You can either use virtual private networks, remote computer access, or direct application access. Each of these methods has its own pros and cons. Choose the one that works well for your organization.

Getting secure VPN solutions for your employees and organizations. A virtual private network (VPN) can encrypt data, providing you with a secure connection over the internet. A remote access VPN client will be used by workers to ensure secure connection to their company?s VPN gateway.

Some organizations make use of remote PC access systems such as desktop sharing, wherein the remote computer will be connected to the host computer which is located outside of the office. This means that the employees can access the local files found on the host computer, making it seem as if they were present in the office.

Direct Application Access is another option for remote workers. In this method, rather than having access to the entire network, employees are only given access to certain applications on the network.

Implement a Cybersecurity Policy

It is important that organizations should establish a cybersecurity policy for remote workers. In this way, you can keep the company data secure while your employees are accessing them. Without a policy, any of your employees could become the entry-point for hackers.

However, you can prevent this situation by establishing a cybersecurity policy that includes guidelines for security protocols. These policies could include updating computer security measures such as antivirus or anti-malware software, using approved messaging programs such as WhatsApp or Signal, and protocols on remotely deleting information on devices if lost.

Use a Password Management Software

There are many reasons why you should use a password manager. Password manager is one of the most valuable tools when working remotely, especially since a lot of data breaches are caused by illegally acquired information. Password manager does not only store passwords but it can also generate and restore complicated, random passwords. Because of this, using similar passwords can be prevented.

Using the same passwords for all your applications can be too risky. For instance, if a hacker discovers your username and password, then they can use this information to login on your other applications. Unfortunately, humans have the tendency to reuse passwords since our memory capacity is only limited.

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