9 Invincible Reasons to learn Java

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9 Invincible Reasons to learn Java

In this article we have explained the most important reasons to lean Java from the perspective of a learner.

In this article we have explained the most important reasons to lean Java from the perspective of a learner.

Check the 9 Invincible Reasons which to learn popular Java Programming Language

Java as a programming language over the years has achieved primary language status in the developer's world and consequently lent its hand in boosting career prospects as well. This lingua franca of computer has opened up never ending benefits and endless opportunities. This language has been perfected over past 20 years and has contributed to an array of technological advances and so can be considered as a matured programming language. Besides so called career prospects obviously there are other aspects that made this language so popular among aspirant and would-be developers. Let us have a quick look at some of the key reasons that inspire people to learn Java.

1. Gradually lowering learning curve:

This language for beginners may be perceived as hard but once you get command over the basics the advanced level is just a step away and in that language Java offers a gradually lowering learning curve. Once a programmer is familiar with initial hurdles of installing JDK and setting up path and understanding how class path works, the usage becomes much easier and then it becomes quite exciting to develop your own codes for the programs and use it authoritatively when required. The basic is the only big hurdle and then the learning curve is rather low. For a language of such wide scope this is rather a benefit.

2. Garbage collection:

Other programming languages like C++ have a lot to do with memory management. While in the process the programmer may need some memory which he needs to ask for and after the use he needs to deposit the spare back. In case the programmer forgets to deposit the memory back, it may lead to memory leak. As a result the application can grow in size up to the limit of bursting with the computer boundaries. In contrast to this Java have no such problems of demanding and depositing of memory. It recovers the memory automatically using the garbage collection. This inevitably cuts the development and debugging time of the entire program.

3. Development tools:

Development tools like eclipse and NetBeans has played its role in making java one of the best programming languages. Integrated development environment (IDE) has made coding a pleasure and has made it much faster easier and fluent. It has made easy to read and search code. Apart from (IDE) java also provided other tools such as Maven and ANT to build applications, decompiles, JConsle etc.

4. Open source libraries:

Open source libraries have made the development simple, faster and cost effective. It has a whole lot of readily available libraries which can be looked into through Google Guavas, Apache Commons and other organizations. Java has the codes and their functionalities already available in the libraries which give the programmers a chance to test the available material ready to use.

5. Error notification:

Java gives us an immediate notification of the errors in the programming process. This integrated development environment offers the steps for the clearance of the errors made with ease to reformat your program without getting hanged over.

6. Community support:

Nothing can survive without the community support and java is lucky enough to gain a big support by community. It has a lot of active forums and open source organizations and several java user groups that has helped java to not only survive but also gain a high success standard in the world of programming languages. These helping communities not only help the beginners but also advice the expert and advanced users of the language.

7. Write once and run anywhere:

This tag line explains it all. It I a great source of help for the application developers to run the java code on any platform that supports java. The application developers need not to recompile the byte code to run it on a different platform. Most of the java applications are developed in windows environment and are run under UNIX platform.

8. Security:

The language was designed with a unique security system .The platforms allow the programmers to download non-trustworthy code but run it under a secure environment in which t could not harm or infect the host system in anyway. Java nearly guarantees the strongest security platform and is proven strong enough for practical day to day use.

9. Omnipresence:

Java has become omnipresent in today?s world from your desktop to your card and of course it has entered the world of android with its strong success and sustainability. The java programmers are outraging in numbers and more and more professionals are on high demand in the corporate world of technology. It can not only provide a high paying job but can also help you to start your own business of creating software programs for other organizations. Thus learning java or java script can be a good career move and can help you to boost your career prospects.

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