Difficult Interview Questions Page -9

Question 81: What is your biggest weakness as a manager? Answer: Accept your biggest weakness honestly. but be positive. There could be many answers of this question. e.g., "I don't enjoy admonishing people, so I try to begin with something po

Difficult Interview Questions Page -9


Question 81: What is your biggest weakness as a manager? 

Answer: Accept your biggest weakness honestly. but  be  positive. There could be  many answers of   this  question. e.g., "I don't enjoy  admonishing  people, so I try to begin with something positive first." 

Question 82: What makes you mad?

Answer: Though I  am a  cool  person and nothing really makes me mad, yet  certain things makes me upset like cheating,  rudeness, arrogance, liar, spitefulness and blaw blaw. Choose any obvious nasty traits or behaviors that  interviewer itself  dislikes it  personally too. 

Question 83: Have you ever had to fire people? What were the reasons, and how did you handle the situation?

Answer: Accept it if  you had done this. Explain that  the situation was out of control, it was not  easy to handle, so I've  to fired that person. Explain that  what was the matter and how you handle it also mentioned that  this action  worked out well and it became beneficial in the favor of  both, the  company and the employee. You must illustrate that  though you don't enjoy unpleasant tasks but that you can resolve them efficiently and wont be hesitate to fire anyone but humanely not brutally. 

Question 84:  How Would You Deal with a High-Strung Personality?

Answer: This question is asked to get an idea of about  your confidence and  communication skills. You must answer this question with confidence and  ask the interviewer panel, "Am I not dealing you?" This makes  the environment  light up to some extent. You may  answer like this, "  If  any difficult or high-strung personality asks something as a  client, I tries my best to satisfied them. If  they have any sort of problem, I primarily tries to resolve the problems as become a team leader. I try my best to give the solution. If  unable to fulfill their requirement, which  happed rarely, I sent those to our seniors. 

Question 85:  What important trends do you see in our industry?

Answer:  If  you are an experienced person,  you must have the knowledge of  your job background, so be ready to answer this question with two or three trends that illustrate how well you understand your industry. If  you are a fresher, you might have done some research about the job background for which you are going for the interview. You answer should focus on  the technological challenges or opportunities, economic conditions, or even regulatory demands of  the industry. 

Question 86:  Do you generally speak to people before they speak to you?

Answer: It depends on the circumstances. 

Question 87: How would you describe your own personality?

Answer:  This question can be asked to you in  another way like "Describe your personality in one words?" The main purpose for asking this sort of  question is  to get an idea  of your  personality in your own words. "What do you think  about yourself?"  The answers may  differ from person  to person depending upon it's strength and weakness. But before answering must realize about the types of job, designation and company. What are the requirements of   these? "Balanced" is the nice word to be used. 

Question 88:
What would your references say about you?

Answer: This is the biggest opportunity to illustrate your positive personality, your strengths, skills and behavior  before them. It may be also a  good answer, "It  would be better that you should  ask this question to my references that I've mentioned in my application or in resume.  They will speak the exact  fact about  me"  

Question 89: Can we check your references?

Answer: Yes sir, why not.

Question 90: How do you like to be managed /not like to be managed?

Answer: To be honest and truthful, deliver your answer in such a way that express your attitude as a dominating nature, but in the mild and soft style. e.g.  "I'm very flexible and easily assimilate in to the  most management styles. In the previous jobs,  many times,  I've helped my bosses to get the best out of me by talking to them and developed  a mutual  understanding between us. They provided me freedom and give some responsibilities to load off their shoulders." also  mentioned that how do you not like to be managed by  giving some logical examples without being negative.


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Difficult Interview Questions Page -9

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