Difficult Interview Questions Page -5

Question 41: Why haven't you found a new position before now? Answer: I've found various jobs but couldn't find suitable for me. I think that finding a job is easy; but finding the right job is more difficult. I was looking for a more challenging job.

Difficult Interview Questions Page -5


Question 41: Why haven't you found a new position before now? 

Answer: I've found various jobs but couldn't find suitable for me. I think that finding a job is easy; but finding the right job is more difficult. I was looking for a more challenging job. 

Question 42:  Had you thought of  leaving your present position before? What  happened that force you to do like that? 

Answer: No not at all. Whenever I was facing  challenging  tasks there, I was quite comfortable. At that time I was new there and was not so efficient, but now I am more efficient and there was no more challenging  jobs in my last company and I am looking for more challenging job where there I can utilize my skills, talent and experience in the best way. 

Question 43: What are your hobbies?

Answer: This question is generally asked to assess whether you are "introvert"  or "extrovert".  This is a  psychological type of question. Answer the question according to the requirement of  your job designation for which you are facing the interview. But in general condition speak the truth and tell your real hobbies. This enables the organization to place you accordingly after selection in the big organization. It  also indicates your preference for team-oriented activities or projects with solo contributions. 

Question 44: What are your favorite subjects? 

Answer: This is the leading  question  generally  asks  to you  to checks your knowledge base and in-depth understanding. So select the topics in which you are most competent, because the panel members can probe in your knowledge base areas. 

Question 45:
What motivates you?

Answer: Different types of persons  have different sorts of  factors that  motivates them. There isn't any  specific  answer of  this question. The interviewer  tries to understand  the key what made you so successful in the previous job and up to what extent you are fit in the role for which you are interviewing for. You can deliver your answer by using these examples : 

  • I am a perfectionist and can not satisfied until reach on the perfection of my work. This virtue or demerit motivates me most. 
  • I was team leader of  several projects in the previous jobs where I directed development teams and implemented repeatable processes. Every time my teams achieved 100% on-time delivery of software products. Thus motivated me both, by the challenge of  finishing the projects ahead of schedule and by managing the teams that achieved our goals. 
  • I am highly desirous to do an excellent job for my personnel satisfaction and my organization at whatever position I'm in. This quality motivates me most. 
  • My customer's satisfaction motivates me most. I have always wanted to ensure that my company's clients get the best customer service, that  I provide.  
  • I motivate by my compensation package, because I want to be the top sales person. 

Question 46: What are the most difficult decision you have made so for ?
  What (will be)/ is the most difficult situation or matter that captures you in dilemma?

Answer: There is no certain answer of  this type of  questions like "What are the most difficult decisions to make?" or "Describe a difficult work situation / project and how you overcame it." These are behavioral type interview questions designed to discover how you handle these sorts of  circumstances. The logic behind these type of questions is to make a idea of your  behavior that how you behaved in the past is a predictor of what you will do in the future. Give solid examples of those difficult situations that actually held in your previous job  and  also mentioned  how  you solved that  problem. Keep your answers positive and brief.  For answering this question just refresh your memory and recall those situation  you have dealt with or projects you have worked on and also illustrate how  you  overcome to these sort of  situation. 

Question 47: If  You Were an Animal, Which One Would You Want to Be? 

Answer: On the first time it looks rubbish, what is it ? But interviewers use this type of psychological question to see whether you can think quickly or not it also reflects your attitude and behavior. If you answer "a bird," This represent that you like liberty". If you answer "Eagle"  this  represent  your sharpness and target achiever  virtue. 

Question 48: In your opinion, what sorts of qualities should be in your boss?

Answer: Be positive as much as you can. Like a  potential boss should  have  these sort of  qualities like : he must be more talented, intelligent, experienced, able to handle the situations easily, willing to talk to their employees and must have the leadership qualities. 

Question 49: What do you feel this position should pay?
  What is your salary expectation? 

Answer: This is the most common and sometimes difficult question asks always whenever you go for an interview. Wait and realize about some topics like : 

  • Are you in a position to ask  about a certain amount of  compensation package?; especially for the fresher. or
  • If you have less working experience, can you ask for more salary package rather than you deserves.  or 
  • Are you in a great dilemma what to ask or what to not?. 
  • Are you changing job only for the money matter? 

Before beginning   your  answer  you should realize all the above topic whichever implements upon you. After analyzing it now you have to decide what you have to do whether keep quite or  whether answer like these :

  • Though I am a fresher, I am looking for the experience and polishing up my skills, talent and knowledge. So it would be better that give me those salary package that  is determined by the company for the fresher and also given to others.  
  • As being a less experienced  person, before asking any compensation I would like to ask  the responsibilities and  nature of  my designation. I think you know better than me what should I get.
  • If  you are in a great dilemma, it would be better to keep silent, because many time the company offers you beyond your expectation. You can also ask to the panel about the salary package range offered by the company for the same designation with same responsibilities.
  • If  you are changing your job only for the money matter and if  there are a certain fixed amount in your mind, ask it to the company. There is a fifty-fifty chance  to be accepted depending upon the company's  policy. 
  • If  you are definitely  unsure write negotiable salary. It is the best policy especially for the new comers or for the less experience person. 

Question 50: Why aren't you earning more at your age?

Answer: That's why I am here sir, I want to earn more. No need to be defensive.


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Difficult Interview Questions Page -5

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