Difficult Interview Questions

Interview is an essential part of the selection criteria of any company and every one have to go through it. Many candidates frightens from the name of "Interview" because they are completely unaware about the atmosphere and questions that can be as

Difficult Interview Questions


Interview is an essential part of  the selection criteria of any company and every one have to go through it. Many  candidates  frightens from the name of  "Interview" because they are completely  unaware about the atmosphere and questions  that can be asked  to them. In the following web pages you will learn "How to answer some difficult questions". There are one hundred questions covered to make you sure that if you follow these questions, definitely the chances of your job opportunity will be enhanced. 

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    Tell me about yourself ?

    Answer: Whenever you go for the interview, most probably this is the first question asked to interviewee. This is  likely to be a warm-up question. So you should not waste your best points on it. More difficult questions are yet to be asked. So just cover up our topics for answering this question: early years, education, work history, and recent career experience.

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    Question : Why should we hire you?

    Answer: The best way to answer of  this question is  to convince them by giving the examples of  your skills and worthiness why you are the best candidate for the job.  Compare the job description with your abilities before them, as well as also mentioned what you have accomplished in your other positions. Be positive and attracts their attention towards your ability, your experience, and your energy. Also show your interest in the company and the position. 

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    Question :  What Are Three Positive Things Your Last Boss Would Say About You? 

    Answer: This is the time to express your best old performance appraisals given by your last boss by your own mouth. This is a great way to brag about yourself through someone else's words: "My boss has told me that I am the best marketing manager he has ever had. He knows he can rely on me, and he likes my communication skill, intelligence, sense of humor and  presence of minds." 

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    Question : What are your Weaknesses? 

    Answer: It's not just a pull legging question but also brainteasers that will ask the check your presence of mind. Be  positive and  deliver  your  answer in such a way that your weakness  should  reflect  to your  strengths. For example, say you are a stickler for meeting deadlines and will stay on top of a project until it is done according to your specifications, which may cause you to sometimes work late nights. Be confident and answer it in a good sound. 

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    Question : Why haven't you found a new position before now? 

    Answer: I've found various jobs but couldn't find suitable for me. I think that finding a job is easy; but finding the right job is more difficult. I was looking for a more challenging job. 

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    Question : How long would you stay with us?

    Answer: Don't  be hesitate to answer this question, because the  manager or  interview panel  wants  to know  that  won't you ditch them in the way. If  it is not a very big and reputed organization, the chances of  leaving  the organization has been increased. So this question is most often asked. Answer that I'll be here till I'll face the challenges and every time new challenges. I don't like repetition of work or routine work. If  I keep on facing challenges in this organization, I'll will be  everlasting here.  

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    Question :  What is your management style? 

    Answer:  For answering this question you have to  verify yourself  as a task  oriented, result oriented, paternalism ( take  care of your subordinates and give them the right direction ) and  versatile manager, how are  are different  to  others.  The best way of management  system  is  "Open-door management system ( to motivate people and delegate responsibility )" Now days.  You must reply by using the examples of  this method.  

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    Question : Prepare a plan for your first 1/2/3 months in the role and present it at the interview?

    Answer: This question is generally asked to the marketing managers or commercial managers, but can also be asked to the other managers too. This question is asked to valuate the knowledge and planning skill of the manager. Don't  to be exaggerate. You can take the help of  Gantt chart to represent it, this is also a better way for representation. 

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    Question : How would you describe your own personality?

    Answer:  This question can be asked to you in  another way like "Describe your personality in one words?" The main purpose for asking this sort of  question is  to get an idea  of your  personality in your own words. "What do you think  about yourself?"  The answers may  differ from person  to person depending upon it's strength and weakness. But before answering must realize about the types of job, designation and company. What are the requirements of   these? "Balanced" is the nice word to be used. 

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    Question : Do you have any questions? 

    Answer:  Don't answer like that  "No Sir, I think you have covered everything what I want  to know. I'm sure, I'll have more questions if I get the job." It is a very passive response that demonstrate your  lack of  interest in the company or lack of  imagination in yourself. If you really want the job, show your interest in the company and ask several question regarding  company's policy, working culture, responsibilities of your job designation in that  company, the first challenge for the new one in that company, etc. 

Interviewing is a two-way process in which both  the interviewer and the interviewee evaluate each other and find a good fit for you and for the employer. That is a win-win situation.  There can be no similarities between any  two interviewers and interviews, so it is impossible to be prepare all the  questions  that  will be asked. So prepare  some basic difficult questions like given  in the  above web pages, you will be  definitely benefited.  

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Difficult Interview Questions

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