Difficult Interview Questions Page -10

Question 91: Are you a leader? Answer: Absolutely! I've the leadership quality. Specify your answer by giving some specific examples using your current job as a reference point.

Difficult Interview Questions Page -10


Question 91: Are you a leader?

Answer: Absolutely! I've the leadership quality. Specify your answer by giving some specific examples using your current job as a reference point.

Question 92:  How to do measure your own effectiveness?

Answer: I measure my  effectiveness by my  achievements and the way  I've  achieved  it. Give the examples of  two or three of  your greatest achievement and also mentioned it  how did you achieve this. Also say that if  it is not  quite enough, I'll be able to create one. 

Question 93: How do you evaluate success?

Answer: The measurement of  evaluating  success differs  from person to person. But the ideal answer may like: " According to my point of  view, Success depends upon lots of factors like, Intelligence, knowledge, presence of  minds, proper guidance, Hard working, dedication, commitment and passion to work. I would like to include a little bit luck factor in it too. The hotchpotch of all these factors makes the success". s

Question 94: If  you won a  million on the lottery what would you do?

Answer: The answer of this question reflects your thoughts regarding  money. The interviewer tries to guess the valve of work and money for you.  Do you earning  only  for money or  there is also the place of  work in your life if  you get plenty of money.  The answer differs according to views of the person but it may one of the  answers: "Obviously I'll save most of  it. May be possible to give a small treat for myself but not waste  even a single coin and It is also possible to start my own business, if  I am absolutely sure about its success. 

Question 95: Are you creative?

Answer: Absolutely yes. Specify your answer by giving some specific examples.

Question 96: What was the last book you read or  movie you saw or sporting event you attended? How did it affect you?

Answer: This question is asked to guess your taste and interest  about books, sports or films what you prefer more and  up to  what extent  it  affects  you. Be honest and  tell  them what you have done  among these in the recent period of  time. Specify your answer by  giving logical  view why  you choose it  and  up to what extent  had  you affected from  it.  Be truthful because one of the interviewer's  panel  might have watch it.  

Question 97:  Tell Me a Story?

Answer: This question is  asked to judge your  presence of  minds, your intelligence and  creativity. Before delivering your  answer asks  the clarification about  the  question, which type of  story do you want to  listen. This makes you thoughtful and you have to be specific. Weave a short and meaningful story that establishes you a great thinker. This skill shows  your versatility and diversity from others. 

Question 98: Tell me about your life at College or University (or even your time in your previous job)? 

Answer:  The purpose of  asking this question is to look for  that sort of qualities especially  soft skills and  extra curricular qualities that  is necessary for deserving candidate. This can makes the difference between you and others.  So  give the  brief  list of  your achievements, experience, positive behavior and leadership quality. This will impress the interviewer because of  its relevance to the required  role. Most probably the interviewer might be looking for  the same   capabilities and behavior in your college (or university or previous job) life that they want in the job.  

Question 99:
What does/did your father do for a living?

Answer:  Speak the truth, whatever your  father is. No need to ashamed or to proud, because your father is a different people and you are you not anyone else. It is not a correct view that by your success and failure depends upon your parental influence on others. Only your intelligence, experience,  knowledge and skills  make you successful person. 

Question 100: Do you have any questions? 

Answer:  Don't answer like that  "No Sir, I think you have covered everything what I want  to know. I'm sure, I'll have more questions if I get the job." It is a very passive response that demonstrate your  lack of  interest in the company or lack of  imagination in yourself. If you really want the job, show your interest in the company and ask several question regarding  company's policy, working culture, responsibilities of your job designation in that  company, the first challenge for the new one in that company, etc. 

There are two benefits of  asking this sort of question. One it would represent that you are really interested in this  job and you will also come to know whether this company is suitable for you or not. So you can take a right decision.