Difficult Interview Questions Page -6

Question 51: Are you willing to travel? Answer: There are some jobs in which traveling is the part of the job especially marketing, survey and field jobs. But there are not so much traveling in the in-office jobs. So this question is asked to you. An

Difficult Interview Questions Page -6


Question 51:  Are you willing to travel?

Answer: There are some jobs in which traveling is the part of  the job especially marketing, survey and field jobs. But there are not so much traveling in the in-office jobs. So this question is asked to you. Answer according to the job designation and  if you like traveling. It will be a surprise for you. If  you don't like traveling, then ask about the frequency and duration of   the  traveling.  You can weigh how much you would need to be on the road and is it fits in your life style. Now answer according to your nature, but you have to do some adjustment. 

Question 52:  "What are your goals for the future?"   

Answer:  The answer of this  question  reflects  your target or your ambition that can be evaluated by  the  interviewer whether it  is  in the favor of the company  or  not or whether  the candidate is willing in this organization or want to switch?  Don't  be overwhelmed, be honest and use your mind and answer according to your strength.  The best way to answer this question are given below : 

  • Generally co-relate your answer with the company's  fortune like, " I  am willing to continue to learn, take on additional responsibilities, and contribute as much as possible as in the behalf of the company".
  • I would like to be the top performing  employee in a  well-established organization, like this one.
  • I am a quick learner, within five years I'll gain lots of  technical experience and will move towards management position. 

Question 53:  How will you achieve  these goals?

Answer:  This must be a follow up question, if  the  previous one is  asked to you. A good answer of this question may be :  " I am a proactive person, for achieving  my target I'll be enhance my knowledge and skill, I'll attend the training  session, seminars and keep on further study as well as I wont be hesitate to take the help of our senior collogues. 

Question 54:  How successful do you have been so far?

Answer: Answer this  question with confidence but  not  overstate or show overconfidence, this may irritate the interviewer and  you may loss your candidature in the queue of  job. Speak the truth up to what extent you've been succeed.  Answer in  the positive way like this, "Sir, in my point of view, I am happy with my  career progress and I think, my  career  is going  on the right way with right speed in the right direction, and definitely one day I'll achieve my target on the exact date, which I've decided to achieve it." 

Question 55: How long would you stay with us?

Answer: Don't  be hesitate to answer this question, because the  manager or  interview panel  wants  to know  that  won't you ditch them in the way. If  it is not a very big and reputed organization, the chances of  leaving  the organization has been increased. So this question is most often asked. Answer that I'll be here till I'll face the challenges and every time new challenges. I don't like repetition of work or routine work. If  I keep on facing challenges in this organization, I'll will be  everlasting here.  

Question 56:
  Can you work under pressures, deadlines, etc.?

Answer: Yes, why  not. I usually  perform  my  best  in under pressure and I am passionate to complete my task  within deadline. 

Question 57: What important trends do you see in our industry?

Answer: If you are fresh for the company, you can deliver  your answer on the basis of  your research about the company. Prepare two or three strong points  about the company that you like most. If  you are  interviewing  for the  job promotion, you are not new for the company  and you are well aware about the culture, environment and policy about the company. Be positive and  don't criticize whether you don't like something  about the company.  Always  explain  the  strongest  point that you have  noticed but not known commonly. 

Question 58: Can you share your mistakes with others?

Answer: Yes, absolutely I do. I usually share my mistakes with my senior or more experience person to  get the guideline. By this  way I learn how should I do  this work so that I can  not repeat it again. 

Question 59: How have you changed the nature of your job?

Answer: I've  improved  myself  by learning new things, gaining experience, by enhancing  my productivity  and efficiency. Explain the way how you have improved your self. 

Question 60:  In your present position, what problems have you identified that had previously been overlooked?

Answer: Nothing  is perfect  in this  world. Some  demerits exists everywhere. If  you think there is something  a really big- big problem in your  position,  get aware to the owner in brief and don't brag. No need to say in the minor problem.


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Difficult Interview Questions Page -6

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