Ask Wi-Fi Questions Online

The term Wi-Fi stands for wireless fidelity is a wireless networking technology used for communication across the globe.

Ask Wi-Fi Questions Online


The term Wi-Fi stands for wireless fidelity is a wireless networking technology used for communication across the globe. The Wi-Fi technology uses radio waves usually a bandwidth of 2.4 GHz frequencies for transmission and communication of the data packets. Wireless Internet connection and wireless local area network (WLAN) is the example of Wi-Fi system.

The Wi-Fi is widely used for Internet connection where wires are not spread. Several new applications and software have been developed in which Wi-Fi technology has been used. Ask Questions on Wi-Fi technology for resolving any further query, also post your problem if you face during the uses of Wi-Fi equipments. If you are developing any apps for Wi-Fi and facing problem, share it with us, we will solve all your problems within two days.

Our Tech Guru and team of Wi-Fi experts are quite competent to solve your problem, no matter what complex the problem is. Post your problems online and get the answer with appropriate solution within two days. Besides our experts, our prestigious visitors can also solve your problems by posting the answer. Our ‘Ask Wi-Fi Questions Online’ service is open for all.

Wi-Fi technology is designed to cater to the lightweight computing systems including mobile, PDAs, laptops and various accessories. This device is based on the IEEE 802.11 standards. Nowdays, Wi-Fi is widely being used in laptops, desktops, PDAs, and various accessories.

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Ask Wi-Fi Questions Online

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Samuel J Alibrando
April 12, 2011
2 phone jacks, 2 routers how to hook up

All the online searches I did refer to folks hooking up one router to another to make an access point but I do not need to do that. My new rental is 3 story and I can hook up my modem and wifi router on any floor because there is a phone/DSL jack in the wall on every floor. Cement floors so signal does not pass through. It is not an ethernet jack but a phone jack on each floor. I am willing to buy another wireless router or access point but I cannot find advice on my situation. QUESTION: Can I simply plug in a wireless router in one of these phone jacks utilizing the modem on another floor? Thank you to whoever is willing to answer.
akram kazzaz
February 20, 2013
Reception on wi-fi mbile devices

Greetings, I have a constant strong wi-fi signal in my two-story home for my computers, but the signal comes and goes for my ipad or any other mobile device is unpredictable. Sometimes, I am left without a signal for hours or days. Should I change my Arris router, what is the solution?
June 24, 2012
Random wifi connection

What is " tb proprietary channel.rq" in my wifi connections. It randomly popped up in wifi signals I could connect to at my house there are no homes close to mine so where is the locked signal coming from
John martini
March 24, 2013
wifi hotspot monitoring

I am using my personal computer at work, and am connected to the company's internet service by wire (LAN i think). I use a wifi hotspot application on my laptop to create a wifi hotspot, so that i can use my tablet to connect to the internet via the laptop wifi. Can my employer know what i am surfing on my tablet? Please email me a reply on [email protected] as well. Thanks for helping! :)
April 13, 2011

can people using wifi also know what im doing?