Ask C/C++ Questions online

C and C++ are different programming language, but both the languages are popular among programmers.

Ask C/C++ Questions online


C and C++ are different programming language, but both the languages are popular among programmers. C is a general purpose programming language that can run on most of the platforms. C is used in developing software an application. It is coined by Dennis Richie in IBM’s Bell Laboratory while C++ is a popular object oriented programming language created by Bjarne Stroustrup. It is a middle level language as it has the property of both high level language and low level language. It is widely used for creating video gaming and hardware design.

Both C and C++ is very popular programming language and are widely used in developing software. C and C++ have some unique features that make them versatile language and popular. The developers may face simple to complex problems in C/C++ while developing software.

So, now no need to waste your precious time in resolving the problem. Just ask to us and implement our solutions in your program. Feel free to ask any programming question in C and C++ and feel easy. Our expertise will answer all your queries.

For asking your question, use our service ‘Ask Questions’. Post your query on this section and be relaxed. We assure you that our experts as well as our visitors will solve your query very soon. So begin to floods on questioning and enjoy our service.

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Ask C/C++ Questions online

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October 20, 2011

a problem in increment order.. for eg. int b=1,c; c=++b + ++b; then wht is value of c,i'll got c=5,but computer show c=6;
November 2, 2011
C++ question

Write a program that does the following: •Input is a list of (any number of) n positive integers, terminated by input of -1. •Output is a (sideways) histogram which represents the list of numbers. Specifically, the output consists of n lines. Each line i consists of x asterisks, where x is the ith number in the input. •The output must not start until after the user is finished typing input. Here is an example of input/output behavior of the program: <br>Enter a list of positive integers, ending with -1<br>4<br>2<br>8<br>1<br>5<br>-1<br><br>Here is the output<br><br>****<br>**<br>********<br>*<br>*****<br>
February 2, 2012

#include<stdio.h> static int i=5; void main() { printf("hello\n"); for(i=1;i<7;i++) { main(); } } the above program printed "hello" infinitely...can anyone please explain that?
March 6, 2012
C++ programming

Write a C++ program to calculate the fewest number of each denomination needed to pay a bill of amount TOTAL. For example, if the end user enters $97 for TOTAL, program will out that the bills would consist of one $50 bill, two $20 bills, one $5 bill, and two $1 bills. (Assume that the amount is in whole dollars, no cents, and only $100, $50, $20, $10, $5, and $1 denominations are available.) Aid: You may want to use the modulus operator %.
Shivaraj Patil
April 30, 2012
code optimisation

Please Suggest me optimised code for this simple code. Optimised code should not contain for loop. #include<stdio.h> int main() { int i; int a = 20; int *ptr = malloc(2500 * sizeof*(int)); for(i = 2500; i > 0; i--) { *ptr++ = a; } return 0; }
August 24, 2012
Mind blowing bug

Hello, I'm programing for about a year now ( but not on C ) and i'm trying to get use to pointer in C, so i'm doing a little exercice. BUT I have a problem with "scanf" function here is my code : #include <stdlib.h> #include <stdio.h> typedef struct node { int n ; struct node *next; } node; main() { int tmpchoice = 10; int val,i,choice; node *first = NULL; node *tmp = NULL; const int SIZE = sizeof(node); do { printf( " --MENU-- \n\n 1- Display\n 2- Insert (at the end)\n 3- Find\n 4- Delete any occurrence\n 5- Sort\n 6- Insert in sorted list\n 0- Exit\n\n"); scanf("%d", &tmpchoice); choice=(int) tmpchoice; printf("\n"); tmp=first; /* then there is a switch which is sertenly not the problem. I commented it and it still doesn't word */ } while(choice != 0); Well "scanf" dicided not to get executed after the first time when I enter a CHAR instead of an INT and it causes an infinit loop. Does ANYONE know what is the problem ?
vanjara kishan
August 25, 2012
c languege

enter a value and cheque it is devide by 5or 7 in c language
November 7, 2012
Please, help me about bisection method in C +?

Please, help me about bisection method in C +? Obtain the local minimize of the function f(x) = X5-5X3-20X+5 on [-3,O] and [0,3] by bisection method >> and run it in a loop help me++++
November 27, 2012

Write an array declaration statement that stores the following values in an array named volts : 16.24, 18.98, 23.75, 16.29, 19.54, 14.22, 11.13, and 15.39. Include these statements in a program that displays the values in the array.