Ask JUnit Questions Online

JUnit is a free, open source Java framework that makes unit testing easier and more effective.

Ask JUnit Questions Online


JUnit is a free, open source Java framework that makes unit testing easier and more effective. JUnit lets writing, running and testing Java codes easier in its framework. It was originally written by Erich Gamma and Kent Beck for the purpose of writing, testing and running larger software design known as Extreme Programming (XP). The graphical user interface (GUI) of JUnit allows the programmers to write and test source code quickly and easily. The test can go on continuously and the result occurs immediately.

Ask programming questions, coding problems, testing and implementing solutions of JUnit to us by posting questions on our latest Question-Answer service ‘Ask JUnit Questions Online’. Our experienced and proficient JUnit professionals will answer all your questions and resolve all your problems relating to JUnit.

Our proficient visitors can also solve your problems and provide ready to implement code, which will solve your problem. We assure you that our problem will be resolved within two days of posting JUnit problems. So feel free to post your questions now, and get the best answers from us.

JUnit has become a popular framework for writing and testing the Java Code and has the quality to port to other languages including Ada (AUnit), PHP (PHPUnit), C# (NUnit), Python (PyUnit), Fortran (fUnit), Delphi (DUnit), Free Pascal (FPCUnit), Perl (Test::Class and Test::Unit), C++ (CPPUnit), and JavaScript (JSUnit).

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Ask JUnit Questions Online

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November 9, 2011
integration problem

Hi Team 1. All my testcases are working fine but my problem is while running my application in googel app engine i am getting error like name_valid is not defined i dint know whats happening. 2.And while running asynctestcase its getting failed whats the reason. Here is my code validation.js myapp = {}; myapp.Validation = function() { }; myapp.Validation.prototype.name_valid = function(firstname) { console.log("firstname"+firstname); // alert("error"); //var namev1 = document.getElementById('name').value.replace(/^\s+|\s+$/g, ''); //var firstname = str; var flag=0; var strText = firstname; //var namev1 = $('#name').val(); var lnameRegex=/^[a-zA-Z]+$/; if (strText!="") { var strArr = new Array(); var strArr = strText.split(" "); console.log("inside the lnameregex"); if(strArr.length > 1) { flag=1; } } if(firstname == 'Please enter a valid Name') { console.log("Returning false in the if condition block"); return false; } if(firstname == " " || flag == 1 ) { console.log("Name value is null or flag value is not equal to one"); $('#name').val('Please enter a valid Name'); $('#name').addClass('inputError'); return false; } if (!firstname.match(lnameRegex)) { console.log("Which is not matches with the nameregex"); $('#name').val('Please enter a valid Name'); $('#name').addClass('inputError'); return false; } console.log("Returning true at the end of name"); return true; }; validationTest.js ValidationTest = TestCase('ValidationTest'); var valid = new myapp.Validation(); //name valid ValidationTest.prototype.testnametrue = function() { try { assertTrue("sasikala", valid.name_valid("sasikala")); jstestdriver.console.log("JsTestDriverForname", valid.name_valid("sasikala")); //fail('assertTrue did not throw an exception'); } catch (e){ assertEquals('expected true but was false', e.message); assertEquals('AssertError',; } try { assertTrue(undefined); fail("assertTrue did not throw an exception"); } catch (e){ assertEquals('Not a boolean: [undefined]', e.message); assertEquals('AssertError',; } };
November 30, 2012
Junit test case for ArrayList

I have a List variable containing objects,how to write test case for this? private List<testobject> testvalues;