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The eXtensible Markup Language in short XML is an extremely simple dialect of Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML).

Ask XML Questions


The eXtensible Markup Language in short XML is an extremely simple dialect of Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML). XML is a simple, very flexible text format used in creating structured computer documents. XML is basically used for creating web feed formats like Really Simple Syndication (RSS).

Since the origin of XML language, it has become very popular language and most of news sites are widely using this technique. If our visitors face any sorts of problem in XML scripting, share with us. Ask your XML question frequently and get the appropriate answers from us. You just need to login and post your questions on our site under our service ‘Ask Questions in XML’.

We assure you that our XML experts will answers you within two days and you will get an accurate answers ready to implement on your project or programming. Besides our experts, our visitors will also help you in finding the most appropriate answers. So be ready for asking questions on XML.

What is XML?

XML is a set of rules for encoding documents electronically. It is a textual data format, with strong support via Unicode for the languages of the world. The purpose of XML is to script documents but it is also extensively used for the representation of arbitrary data structures such as in web services.

It is the popularity of XML that till date hundreds of XML-based languages have been developed, including RSS, Atom, SOAP, and XHTML. The XML-based formats have become the default for most office-productivity tools, including Microsoft Office (Office Open XML), (OpenDocument), and Apple's iWork.

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Ask XML Questions

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August 20, 2011
How to xml image in href link

hi. i am working on xml flash file how to href link add in xml image pls help me xml file codeing: <?xml version="1.0" encoding='UTF-"8"?> <data> <pic imgURL='img\1.jpg'/> <pic imgURL='img\2.jpg'/> <pic imgURL='img\3.jpg'/> <pic imgURL='img\4.jpg'/> <pic imgURL='img\5.jpg'/> </track> </data> This Flash Action script : var myXML = new XML(); myXML.ignoreWhite = true; myXML.load("Photos.xml"); myXML.onLoad = function(success) { if (success) { var myList = myXML.firstChild.childNodes; var PhotoNum=myList.length-1; var vx=110,vy=10,va=.9,vs=.96,tx var vxs=25,vys=50,vas=50,vss=50 for(i=0;i<=PhotoNum;i++) { _root.attachMovie("MC_photo","MC_photo"+i, 100-i); setProperty("MC_photo"+i,_x,vxs); setProperty("MC_photo"+i,_y,vys); //setProperty("MC_photo"+i,_alpha,vas); setProperty("MC_photo"+i,_xscale,vss); setProperty("MC_photo"+i,_yscale,vss); _root["MC_photo"+i].LoadName=myXML.childNodes[0].childNodes[i].attributes.imgURL; _root["MC_photo"+i].gotoAndStop(2); _root["MC_photo"+i].tx=_root["MC_photo"+i]._x; _root["MC_photo"+i].ty=_root["MC_photo"+i]._y; _root["MC_photo"+i].ts=_root["MC_photo"+i]._xscale; _root["MC_photo"+i].td=100-i; _root["MC_photo"+i].onRollOver=function() { this.onEnterFrame=function() { d=this.tx+100*(this._xscale/100)-this._x; if(d<=0.5){delete this.onEnterFrame} this._x+=d/4; } } _root["MC_photo"+i].onRollOut=function() { this.onEnterFrame=function() { d=this.tx-this._x; if(Math.abs(d)<=0.1){delete this.onEnterFrame} this._x+=d/3; } } _root["MC_photo"+i].onPress=function() _root["MC_photos"+i].onPress=function() { getURL(""); } { this.enabled=false; this.swapDepths(101) this.onEnterFrame=function() { dx=300-this._x; dy=120-this._y if(Math.abs(dx)<=0.1 and Math.abs(dy)<=0.1) { { delete this.onEnterFrame; this._xscale=65; this._yscale=65; this.onMouseDown=function() { delete this.onMouseDown; this.onEnterFrame=function() { if(Math.abs(this._x-this.tx)<.1 and Math.abs(this._y-this.ty)<.1) { delete this.onEnterFrame; this.swapDepths(; this.enabled=true; } this._x+=(this.tx-this._x)/2 this._y+=(this.ty-this._y)/2 this._xscale+=(this.ts-this._xscale)/2; this._yscale+=(this.ts-this._yscale)/2; } } } this._xscale+=(65-this._xscale)/2; this._yscale+=(65-this._yscale)/2; } this._x+=dx/2 this._y+=dy/2 } } vx*=1; vy*=0.65; vxs+=vx; vys-=vy; vas*=va; vss*=vs; } } else { trace("Error!!!"); } }
September 2, 2011
Excel to XML conversion

I have an Excel file I want to convert to XML but it has some issues: 1. The first 2 rows contain file header information: PRODUCT |DATE BASKETBALL|8/31/2011 2. The data column headers duplicated. NHSF |DATE |PRICE|NCAA |DATE |PRICE BALL-101|8/16/2011|39.00|BALL-204|8/18/2011|49.00 BALL-102|8/20/2011|42.00|BALL-205|8/24/2011|52.00 I am not an XML guy (yet) but I would like to know: 1. Can XML handle two different record types in the same file 2. Can you recommend an (programmatic) way to change the duplicated data column headers, i.e., NCAA - PRICE & DATA, which are duplicates of NHSF - PRICE & DATA Hope this is understandable. I'm just looking for direction here. Thanks, Tom