Ask PHP Questions

Ask PHP Questions and get answers from our users and our development team. We will try to solve your queries ASAP.

Ask PHP Questions


PHP Questions and Answers

Ask PHP Questions and get answers from our users and our development team. We will try to solve your queries ASAP.

In your questions and answers section you can ask PHP questions and get answers quickly from our users. Our team will also try to provide you the answers to your questions.

Ask your difficult questions to our experts online. We have the lots list of PHP questions asked in the past, you can browser these questions. You can also use search facility available on our site to search the questions asked on our site.

You can ask question on PHP, MySQL, Linux, WAMP, XAMP, Zend framework, PHP GD etc.

Some PHP questions are:

  • What is PHP?
  • What is the latest version of PHP?
  • What are the features of PHP?
  • What you can do with PHP?
  • Which is the ORM framework in PHP?
  • Does PHP provides object oriented support?
  • What is the use of PHP?
  • How PHP works?
  • How to get started with PHP?
  • How to install PHP on Windows?
  • How install PHP on Linux?

How to Ask PHP Questions?

You can use the ask questions form to ask your questions and get help on the PHP programming language. We will save your question and display on our forum. Developers will give answers to your query. List of Ask Question page. You can access you asked questions by logging and accessing the My Asked questions links.

Why PHP?

PHP is used to develop web applications of any size. It works on almost all the platform. You can use PHP to develop your next dynamic web application.

PHP is object-oriented and suited to develop web applications of any size. The Zend optimized PHP provides greater performance benefits. In PHP MVC and ORM frameworks are also available which helps to developers to develop enterprise grade applications.

PHP is used to develop applications of following type:

  1. Shopping Cart - Shopping cart provides tools to sale the products online and collect payments.
  2. Image Gallery - There are many Image gallery applications developed in PHP. You can also use jQuery to develop web 2.0 based image gallery applications.
  3. Guest form - Its very easy to create guest form in PHP and install on linux hosting server. Its very cost effective solution as compared to Java and Tomcat based solutions.
  4. User registration script - The user registration script allows the web master to add the form and related script to collect the user registration details online.
  5. Emailing application - You can develop application to send email from your web server at a particular time interval or when ever needed.
  6. CMS - The CMS or Content Management System allows the web master to install on the website and use it for adding the displaying the updated content on website.
  7. Ad Management - You can use Ad Management systems developed in PHP to display your or advertisers ads on your website.
  8. Affiliate Programs - Affiliate Programs script is good way to earn handsome money from your website traffic.
  9. Auctions - Developers can also develop the scripts to run Auctions on your website in PHP.
  10. Bulletin Boards & Forums - You develop or use existing forum software to run forum on your website.
  11. Business & Enterprise - You can develop applications to support the client business.
  12. Calendars & Events - The Events calendar is an important software used these days. You can develop the Events and calendar software in PHP.
  13. Chat - PHP based chat applications is easy to install and maintain on the server.
  14. Classified Ad Managers - The classified Ad manager application helps the webmasters to manage the classified ads on their website.
  15. Content Management - PHP is also used to develop the content management system for the web sites.
  16. Customer Support - The Customer Support script can also be developed in PHP.
  17. Database - You can use MySQL to store the data for their web applications.
  18. E-Commerce - You can develop full functional E-Commerce website in PHP and MySQL.
  19. Education - Educational management system can also be developed in PHP.
  20. Email - Emailing application is very easy to develop in PHP mail functions.
  21. Form Processing - Developers can easily develop the form processing script in PHP.
  22. Games - Backend for many applications are developed in PHP. So, it also helps the developers to develop the online games.
  23. Groupware Tools - There are many groupware softwares developed in PHP.
  24. Galleries - Image and video gallery applications can be developed in PHP.
  25. Link Indexing - You can use PHP Lucene to index the content and provide search engine like search facility on your website.
  26. Mailing List Management - There are many software developed in PHP for mailing list management. Developers can develop the Mailing List Management software in PHP and MySQL.

There unlimited possibilities to use PHP and MySQL to develop softwares. In our Ask Questions section you can ask questions at Ask Questions section.

You can ask any questions related to the PHP scripting Language. 

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Ask PHP Questions

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Goldan Pendragon
June 5, 2011
Form is slow to process

Hello - I have a simple contact form that works, but after clicking "submit", it hangs several seconds before the "thank you" page appears. Can you say to what this is attributed? Thank you for helping me.
June 29, 2011
Connecting HTML form to PHP

I created a HTML form and connect the file to PHP for retrieving the data. Although both files are on the same directory but when I open the HTML file (copy and past the file address on the Firefox or IE) after getting the info, my PHP doesnâ??t read the info and just giving me the variable name instead of correct entered info (like: Hello $userName) Although my codes are correct in both PHP and HTML ( I copy and past a code from a book to test it.) but no response. This makes me crazy that why it doesnâ??t work. I even tried to copy HTML and PHP on my hdoc for XMAPP but no luck. The same thing I tested on phpdesigner 7 but no response. Even I opened the book CD to read the file but nothing work! Please help me!
September 2, 2011
field dependancy

I want to change the next fields of the form depends on the field selected befor
November 7, 2011
php codeigniter

i want to redirect my page according to selection values of the combobox. that means that i hav dynamically binded combobox which has all the necessary site names. now i want that whenever i select particular site name, that particular site page should be displayed that means that my page should be redircted according to the selection values of the combobox.
April 28, 2012
Php array

I am novice at PHP and I am trying to use an array to pull data from different tables within a database. Then to report that data to a form that i have created. I have created separate functions that pulls the data from the database. Which they work because I can pull data when I set the array up to pull from only one table. This is the array that I have to created. I know this is wrong... probably not even close. I can get it to work when pull the data one table but I am struggling to pull from multiple tables. This is my connection and array to the DB. <?php /*Accounts*/ $currentMember->connection = $conn; $accounts = $currentMember->retrieve_all_accounts(); /*Loop through account - Grabs data*/ while($account = mysqli_fetch_assoc($accounts)){ $transactionlog->connection = $conn; /*Retrieve Account data*/ $transactionlog = new Bankaccount($account['BankAccountID'] ); //Different table within that database $transactionlog = mysqli_fetch_assoc($transactionlog->retrieve_transactions()); $transactionlog->connection = $conn; //Different table within the database //$transactionlog = mysqli_fetch_assoc($transactionlog->retrieve_transactiontype()); echo '<tr>' . "\n"; echo "\t" . '<td>' . $account['BankAccountID'] . '</td>' . "\n"; echo "\t" . '<td>' . date($transactionlog['TransactionDate'] ) . '</td>' . "\n"; echo "\t" . '<td>' . $account($transactionlog['TransactionType']) . '</td>' . "\n"; echo "\t" . '<td>$' . $account($transactionlog['TransactionAmount'], 2) . '</td>' . "\n"; echo "\t" . '<td>$' . number_format($balance['CurrentBalance'], 2) . '</td>' . "\n"; echo '<tr>' . "\n"; } /*Close DB*/ mysqli_close($db->connection); ?>
July 20, 2012

In Which Php FrameWork do we use like This $template->set("variable",$variable); to Pass a data from controller to view file .
mukesh kumar
September 17, 2012
pdf convert into image

i want to know upload pdf in php and convert in to image.jpg, all pdf page
October 3, 2012
CURL Program

PHP (CURL) Hello all users. I am absolutely new to PHP and have no experience in any programming language. Kindly help considering me an absolute beginner. I need to write a program that performs the following functions respectively:- (1) Fetch a particular word from a web page on another website. Eg: The body of a site ( contains a paragraph "This is a marvellous website." that generates the 4th word (in this case 'marvellous') RANDOMLY. (2) Count the number of letters of the 4th (randomly generated) word. In this case, 10 (marvellous) (3) Post the result (number of letters) back to in the format Kindly help me to get this beginner program done. Thank you.
November 7, 2012
php question for timer

how to possible if user login then timer start automatically and logout then timer stop and store total hours in database. pls help me!!!