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Introduction To Enterprise Java Bean(EJB). WebLogic 6.0 Tutorial.

Introduction To Enterprise Java Bean(EJB). WebLogic 6.0 Tutorial. Welcome to EJB Section (Learn to Develop World Class Applications with Enterprise Java Beans) (Online WebLogic 6.0 Tutorial) Introduction To Enterprise Java Bean(EJB) Enterprise

Welcome to EJB Section
(Learn to Develop World Class Applications with Enterprise Java Beans)
(Online WebLogic 6.0 Tutorial)


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Introduction To Enterprise Java Bean(EJB)

Enterprise Java Bean architecture is the component architecture for the development and deployment of robust, world class component-based distributed application using the java language. EJB is a complex topic and requires a lot of effort to master it. 

Course Description:

In this EJB course we will teach you how to develop component-based Java Applications using Enterprise Java Beans. Tutorial also shows you how to program enterprise bean, and how to deploy them in an Enterprise Beans Container such as WebLogic Server 6.0. We will use WebLogic 6.0 Server for testing and running the applications. This tutorial is ideal for programmers and developers who need to develop the server-side of industrial strength distributed applications for Intranets and the web using Enterprise Java beans(EJB) compliant application servers.

To understand this course you must have hands-on Java programming language experience.  Understanding of object-oriented programming, distributed computing and component technology helpful. Prior knowledge of Servlets, JSP and JDBC programming are highly recommended.

Course Content:

  1. Introduction to Distributed Applications and Components

  2. Introduction to J2EE architecture.

  3. Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) - An Introduction

  4. Why Enterprise Java Beans (EJB)?

  5. Application Servers Available in the market.

  6. Downloading and Installing the WebLogic 6.0 server.

  7. Introduction to Enterprise Java Beans and developing you first web component.

  8. Developing Hello World Session Bean

  9. Writing Deployment Descriptor and Client Code for Stateless Session Bean

  10. Deploying Hello World Session Bean on WebLogic Server

  11. Writing Calculator Session Bean and Testing on WebLogic Server

  12. Understanding Stateful and Stateless Session Beans Life cycle

  13. Writing Stateless Session Bean

  14. Introduction to the Entity Beans

  15. Writing your first Entity Bean

  16. Writing Entity Bean with Container Managed Persistence

  17. Writing Entity Bean with Bean Managed Persistence

  18. Deploying Entity Bean

  19. Summing up



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October 21, 2011
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February 10, 2012

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January 9, 2013

Deepak !! Your tutorial is so awesome and it helps me in many ways. thank you so much and please do complete the remaining left over topics in EJb's. I would definitely appreciate that. ~jughead
March 6, 2012

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November 29, 2012
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