Web content marketing tips that works in 2015

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Web content marketing tips that works in 2015

In this tutorial I am going to discuss about the latest web content marketing tips that works in 2015 and these tips are well tested.

In this tutorial I am going to discuss about the latest web content marketing tips that works in 2015 and these tips are well tested.

Web content marketing tips that works in 2015

Web content marketing is a skill that requires lot of hard work and researches this field. Companies around the world are developing many new ways to market the content in various online media to get visitors for their websites.

There many ways you can present the article to your visitors and in this tutorial I am discussing the web content marketing tips that work well in 2015. Fastest growing websites are using these unique techniques to attract and hold the visitors on their websites.

1. Create engaging Content

You should create content useful  for your visitors and visitors should get the things looking for from your web content. You should add images, videos and proper graphics on your page.

Graphics are very easy way to teach new things and explain any concept to the users.

2. Write meaningful title for your content

These days Google also uses the voice command for search and people are using the voice command for example "Get the Web marketing tip for 2015" while giving the command to Google for search. So, your content should include this type of keyword and it should not be very long but meaningful expressing all the information.

3. Should use the large Listicle headline

These days fastest growing website are using the large Listicle headline which is working very well. If you use the Listicle headline well in your article the chances of getting it viral is very high.

To grow your social presence and making your article you should start using the large Listicle headline. There are stories of getting very popular using this technique. In 2015 and 2016 you should focus on using this technique for marketing your articles online and get maximum from your efforts.

4. Test the performance of multiple headline of article

You can write multiple headline for your article and then you should test for the performance of each headlines. For example in some cases you might get thousands of clicks for your a particle headline, but some article headline might get very few clicks.

Though this test you can learn over the time and improve your title writing skills. Many websites are receiving very good results from these techniques and you should apply these techniques for growing your business online

5. Use image in content wisely

Yes, its true that one image expresses lots of written text, so you should use the correct image in your article. Wisely used image in the article can increase the stickiness of your article and this adds the importance of your article.

When user visits to your website, user first concentrate on the images related to the information on your web page and if user finds it good, starts reading the content on your web page. This increases the page views time and reduces the bounce rate of your web page.

6. Make your web easily sharable

Now if your visitor finds the content useful there are changes of the sharing the article is very high and you should present the social sharable links/buttons on your web page. These social sharing buttons should be visible and presented wisely on your web page.

7. You Should Curate your Content

The Content curation is latest in trend and this is the process of collecting, organizing, displaying the information from your website into a particular topic of interest. Many websites are using this technique to attract more visitors to their websites.

This technique is used by the individual bloggers as well as big websites and business owners around the world. This technique allows you to present your old content into a new more attractive way. This technique will also help you increase your presence and ranking in social medial and search engines.

8. Place your facebook like button as correct place

Facebook is very popular social networking website and its a good tool to promote your articles. People are getting huge traffic from the facebook and other social networking websites. You should add the facebook like button at visible place on your website, you can also add the hove facebook button. The hover facbook like button give very high number of likes.

9. Target a Nich and make content that add value

You should focus on the group of people and make the targeted content for them. Allows them to share their views and share your article in social networking websites.

10. Write unique and interesting content

You should find the unique ideas and create the content for your audience. There are chances that the interesting and unique content will go viral and increase the visitors to your website.

You should research your website and competitor website to find the topics of interest which is trending on the net.

In this article I have you the most important content marketing tips which is trending in 2015 and very popular among the content marketers. You can use these techniques to increase the returns on your content marketing efforts.