Top 10 SEO Mistakes,Common Mistakes in Search Engine Optimization,Search Engine Marketing Mistakes

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Top 10 SEO Mistakes,Common Mistakes in Search Engine Optimization,Search Engine Marketing Mistakes

This page discusses - Top 10 SEO Mistakes,Common Mistakes in Search Engine Optimization,Search Engine Marketing Mistakes

This page discusses - Top 10 SEO Mistakes,Common Mistakes in Search Engine Optimization,Search Engine Marketing Mistakes

Search Engine Mistakes - Search Engine Optimization Mistakes


People design good website and promotes in the search engines for getting visitors to the web site. If your content is good then the chances are very high to get the traffic from web site. There are many web site on the internet having good content but they do not rank well on the search engine results. These low placements in the search engines are due to very simple mistakes in designing the web site.

People uses the different Search Engine Optimization techniques to boost web site traffic. There are many ways to promote your site in the web site. In this articles I will discuss the topic which must be avoided while optimizing your web site for search engines. You should always employee the good optimization techniques to improve your ranking in the Search Engines.

Link Exchange Mistakes
You should always link exchange with good web site of the same kind. Don't link exchange with Spammer websites. Google webmasters guide gives the following guidelines for link exchange:

"Don't participate in link schemes designed to increase your site's ranking or PageRank. In particular, avoid links to web spammers or "bad neighborhoods" on the web as your own ranking may be affected adversely by those links." 

Title Mistakes
Title is also a very important element in web page, it is used by most of the search engines to place your page in the search engine result. Lots of site are using their company name, or the same title for every page. This type mistake can lead to lower search engine positioning, so you should avoid such title in the web pages.

Meta Tag Mistakes
Most of the search engines spider your page and examines meta-tags and content of the site. Depending upon this examination search engines index and rank the site. Although some search engines does not use meta-tags due to the potential for abuse but they are highly recommended. Think a typical web surfer for just a moment. You should make sure you use Title, Description, and Keywords Meta tags are written for your page and as per the SEO guidelines.

Keywords Mistakes
Keywords in the meta tag section of the page is also very important factor in the page rank. Usually this is one of the most critical area of site design. You should always choose the right keywords in your web pages. 

Use of Flash in website
Usually flash sites are very attractive and many people develops the web site in flash. But the search engines are not able to index content or navigation that is embedded in a flash file. So, you should avoid the use of Flash website.

Repeating keywords
Repeating the Keywords in the web pages and the Meta Tags are considered span by search engines. So, you should avoid repeating the same keyword in the web page. 

Don't Copy the web content
Understand the importance of the unique content, search engines ranks the unique contents high in the search engine results. The duplicate or copied contents are identified by search engines. The duplicate content is usually discarded by the search engine. So, you should write unique pages for your website.

Hidden or tiny text
These days search engines are very smart and means to Spam the search engine will harm your ranking. You should not write the text in the same color as background of the page or making the text very small. All these techniques are unfair and search engines may ban your website. So, you should be very careful in designing your website.

Free web hosting
Site hosted on the free web spaces are considered unprofessional, so you should not use the free web hosting service if you are really very serious about increasing your web site traffic through search engine. Search engines may also eliminate the content from these free hosts.

Check Missing Links
You should check your web site thoroughly before uploading onto your web host. You should make it sure that your web page has been checked for for completeness, missing links, graphics, etc.

Use of Frames
Many web site owners develops the website using frames. But the search engines may find problems while indexing the frame pages. Usually they only indexes the frameset page and not the individual frames that actually contains the content. So, you should avoid using frames in making your web pages.

Using Access Picture and little text
Search engines are develop to index the document and perform the full text search on the indexed document. Search engines can't index the GIF or JPEG images. If you use a lot of images on your Web site, you are actually loosing the traffic that originates from the free search engine. So. you should make a balance between text and the image on your website. So, you should write good content in your web pages.