Emerging Trends in Mobile Computing

This article talks about the latest and Emerging Trends in Mobile Computing in the year 2015.

Emerging Trends in Mobile Computing

Emerging Trends in Mobile Computing

Stepping into the era of the world of technology we are now favored with the most latest and highly functioning technical establishments that promise a greater variety of applications, improved usability and speedier network. Technology today is expected to be embedded everywhere.

Android and thereafter

Introduction of android in the technical world by Google was a huge step in advancing mobile computing. The new advancement in the smart phones will make it available to be used in new contexts and new environment. It will offer connected screens in workplace and in public to offer new experience to the key users. The software vendors are busy in making applications and making it available for smartphones. These include inventory management, maintaining medical records electronically, warehousing, distribution and even sources for construction industry like for the inspection of data for building and architectural sites. As reported on Forbes " the web is already being replaced by the computers in our pockets- already more time is spent on mobiles than on the web ". It is expected to grow along the user-oriented computing and will focus on digital business devices and process in operational contexts. The most highlighted aspect of mobile technology is that mobile now just don't include smartphone and tablets it can be held any number of devices.

Embedded intelligence and analytics

The systems are expected to get highly rich in context with embedded intelligence and analytics. They will get smarter, alert and responsive to the surroundings as predicted. This will also make the system more secure of acquisitions. This evolvement will pave a way to smart machines that will be smart enough to learn and act for themselves in the most user friendly way. This smart machine era is expected to be most disruptive in the era in the history of IT.

Mobile cloud

The mobile computing has met cloud computing which has centrally coordinated applications and can be shared and delivered to a number of devices which will continue to grow horizontally as well as vertically in its span of spread. Cloud service software is acknowledged to the rich APIs. Cloud has become a point of integration for data management technologies and applications including Internet of thing, social media mobile computing or any advanced analytics. The upcoming trend will make cloud transform the basic idea of computing i.e. to access data to “cloud/client computing “. It is going to facilitate the incorporation of mobile technologies. The utility stated in mobile computing is not only limited to geographic location and temporal usage but also to liquid computing in which the concerned user can switch between devices and save the state of their data, not only this they are also privileged to alter a same data from a different device.

Advanced network capacity

4G or the fourth generation has succeeded the third generation networking and had made its place in the internet market. It highly supports mobile computing and has led an ease of faster access through the Internet. This network is likely to be succeeded by the 5G which promises to set the market on a completely new position.

Software oriented applications, networking, storage, security and data holders are maturing with advancements. It is set that the computing has to step ahead of static models and enter into the dynamic range of changing demands of the digital business entities.

Scaling up of web to apps

More and more companies have started to think on a web scale and enter into the acting zone of technologies which Amazon, and Facebook uses of course headed by the authenticity of Google. The software defined methods are entering into the mainstream of acting technically and we are noticing a motion towards web-scale. This will lead to certain new developments and assurance with high end security with an ease to handle and use. Just the technician needs to evolve according to the raging demands and set a standard for the concerned enterprise to behead the race.

Internet of Things

The expansion of Internet of things (IOT) is the best example of shift in computing model. Dubbed 'wearables', the gadgets which includes smartwatches, glasses, vehicles, virtual personal assistants, wrist phones, all these devices are there to access data and virtually mandate it .Internet of things(IOT) provide customers to challenge their increasing need for interacting with organizations . At present the consumer market is leading in utilizing the mobile computing. Analytics will keep on growing by the Internet of things creating large sources of data. Every app will grow into analytic app to support an answer to the digital screen users. The analytics will not only grow but is likely to become more advanced and pervasive for a better impact.

GPS and location based apps

GPS or global positioning systems are now mostly incorporated in most of the technically handled devices. The success story of GPS is positioned on high rank and has helped the wonders out. Majority of the usage lies in the field work and also used as a tool by the nation's security team to position out the concerned issue and deliberately convey it though their means most preferably mobile computing. This is though an old story but is constantly being replaced by new methods and shifts and modification to make it more accessible and within the outreach. Not only this mobile computing has made its position in the scientific background and latest strategies used in warfare and handling security.

Mobile computing has worked out wonders in the new technical field and is constantly evolving with the new demands of the users and support system, with the improvement in network speed and language support. This has led the dream met reality and open up new vistas for learning and evolving in the competitive market of constant demand and immediate feedbacks, improving the quality of life.