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JSP Training

Java Server Pages (JSP) is Sun's solution for developing dynamic web sites. JSP provides excellent server side scripting support for creating database driven web applications.

JSP Training


Java Server Pages (JSP) is Sun's solution for developing dynamic web sites. JSP provides excellent server side scripting support for creating database driven web applications.

JSP training course Objective: This JSP training course aims at teaching beginning and early intermediate Java developers. It provides you understanding of the JSP lifecycle, JSP syntax and architecture, fundamentals of using the latest Java Web application development features, such as the Java Standard Tag Library (JSTL), building database-driven web applications and all the fundamentals of JSP programming. ADS_TO_REPLACE_1

Prerequisites: Html, Java Programming Fundamentals, SQL Fundamentals, JavaScript, Tomcat Web Server, Any Relational Database.

Duration: 5 days

JSP Training Course Outline ADS_TO_REPLACE_2

Day 1:

  • J2EE Overview
    • Identify the characteristics of different Java Platforms
    • Describe J2EE architecture
    • Define the role of various J2EE technologies
  • Web application and HTTP basics
  • Web Application
    • What is a web application?
    • Purpose of Web applications
    • Structure of Web applications
  • Web/Application Server
    • Web applications and the web application server.
    • Web servers?
    • What's the difference between application servers and Web servers?
    • What does your Webserver do?
    • How Container Handle Request?
    • What is a JSP engine?
  • Structure & Deployment
    • Understanding the document root directory
    • Understanding the WEB-INF directory
    • The web archive (WAR) file
    • What are jar & war files?
    • Setting up Web applications with Tomcat
  • Introduction to JSP
    • What Is a JSP?
    • Benefits of JSP
    • Servlet vs JSP
  • Model-View - Controller Architecture
    • What is MVC
    • Jsp Architectures Models
      • Model 1 architecture
      • Model 2 architecture
    • Java Server Pages
      • The Role of JSP in MVC
      • Advantages
    • Interaction Controller-View
    • Java Bean
    • Java Bean conventions
    • Advantages of Java Beans
    • Example

Day 2:

  • The JSP technology model?the basics
  • The JSP page life cycle
    • Page translation
    • JSP page compilation
    • Load class
    • Create instance
    • Call jspInit
    • Call _jspService
    • Call jspDestroy
  • JSP syntax elements
    • Directives
    • Declarations
    • Scriptlets
    • Expressions
    • Action
    • Comment
  • Implicit Objects /Predefined Variables
    • Application
    • session
    • request
    • response
    • out
    • page
    • pageContext
    • config
    • exception


  • JSP scopes:
    • application
    • session
    • request
    • page
  • Session Tracking and JSP Scopes
    • Session Tracking Overview
    • Session Tracking with Hidden Request Parameters
    • Session Tracking with PathInfo/URL Rewriting
    • Using Cookies
  • JSP Features
    • Forwarding
    • Inclusion
    • Include Directive vs Include Action.
    • Passing Parameters
    • Standard Actions, Custom Actions and JSTL
    • Tag Library Architecture
  • JSP Standard Actions
    • jsp:include
    • jsp:useBean
    • jsp:setProperty
    • jsp:getProperty
    • jsp:forward
    • jsp:plugin etc.

Day 4 :

  • The JSTL & The Expression Language
    • The JSP Standard Tag Library
    • Role of JSTL
    • The Core Actions
    • Using Beans with JSTL
    • The Formatting Action
    • The JSP Expression Language
    • Error Handling
    • Scripts vs. EL/JSTL
  • The Core Actions
    • Conditional Processing
    • Iterative Processing
    • Iterating Over Maps
    • Tokenizing Strings
    • Catching Exceptions
    • Resource Access

Day 5 :

  • Custom Tags in JSP Pages
    • What is Custom Tag?
    • Building Your first custom JSP Tag
  • Types of Tags
    • Tags with Attributes
    • Tags with Bodies
    • Tags That Define Variables
    • Tag Library Descriptors
  • Overview of Tag Library Descriptors
    • Writing the Tag Library Descriptor
    • Implementing the Tag Handler
    • Tag Handler API
    • Tag Handler Life Cycle
    • Using Tag Attributes
    • Miscellaneous
  • Miscellaneous
    • JSP and Databases
    • JSP Errors
    • Debugging JSP Errors
    • Custom error page
    • Looking towards generated servlet for JSP

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