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Instructor Led Training (ILT) on JavaFX at RoseIndia Technologies

At RoseIndia Technologies you can have an Online Training on the latest Java Technology JavaFX announced by Sun Microsystems recently.

Instructor Led Training (ILT) on JavaFX at RoseIndia Technologies


At RoseIndia Technologies you can have an Online Training on the latest Java Technology JavaFX announced by Sun Microsystems recently. Before going into the details of our Instructor Led Training Course on JavaFX you should introduce yourself with the new technology. Here is an overview of JavaFX for your convenience- 

JavaFX is the newest invention of Java based technology at Sun Microsystems, the founder of Java. It is the outcome of Sun JavaF3 Project designed by Chris Oliver, the father of Java. At the JavaOne Conference held in May 2007, Sun introduced JavaFX to the world. It is a technology invented for creating the Rich Internet Application (RIA) incorporating a wide range of mobile devices and desktop browsers. JavaFX is basically targeted to a mass of non programmers. It will help the web designers to create application for their consumers rich in graphical content. This technology is built on the basis of Open Source Linux Community. As Linux Open Source Development is fast growing, JavaFX can be very useful for the Content Authors looking for more dynamic and rich content creation. 

JavaFX mainly comprises of two components- JavaFX Script and JavaFX Mobile. 

JavaFX Script is a declarative scripting language based on Java. It is much easier to learn than Java. Developers will be able to build their application easily and at a faster rate than ever. The advantage of using JavaFX lies in its simplicity. It also binds the other components of Java as well thus enhancing powerful application development. Sun is targetting more on User Interface Development with JavaFX as compared to the other similar technologies in this regard which are concentrating on basically web page development. However, the new release of JavaFX Script is said to be an alpha release only. The Beta release will be available in the Fall of this year as reported by Sun officials. 

The second component is JavaFX mobile originally designed by SavaJe Technologies and purchased by Sun in April 2007. This is a technology based on Linux which runs ideally on all kind of platforms. This application is said to be run on all kind of mobile devices and desktop browsers powered by Java. Consumers can now use the applications sharing rich content over internet for visual graphical display and multimedia across every kind of screens, mobile devices, and even TV and other platforms in future. 

On July 31 this year, Sun launched the SDK (Software Develpment Kit) Preview Release of JavaFX. The final release date is yet to be announced. 

The SDK Preview Release contains the following- 
  1. JavaFX Preview SDK- It includes the JavaFX compiler and runtime tools, with 2D graphics and media libraries. 
  2. Netbeans IDE 6.1 with JavaFX- It provides a mean to the developers to create and debug JavaFX applications. 
  3. Project Nile: It includes a set of Plugins for Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator from which the graphical features can be exported to JavaFX applications. 
  4. Java Runtime Environment 6 Update 10 Beta Release- This is a version of Java Runtime Environment (JRE). It includes a Java browser plug-in with the help of which users can drag and drop JavaFX applications from the browser to desktop. 

Our Online Instructor Led Training Course will guide you in getting an elaborated knowledge on JavaFX technology. You can learn here writing programs in JavaFX and by studying the examples provided you will be able to develope your Graphical User Interface Application. The course covers the following contents- 

  • The JavaFX Scripting Language 
  • Introduction to JavaFX Script 
  • Declarative Syntax 
  • Specifying GUI Components 
  • Coding GUI Layouts 
  • Declarative Databinding 
  • Incremental Evaluation 
  • Creating and Configuring Components 
  • Synchronizing Application Data and GUI Components 
  • Reusing, and Encaptulating Code 
  • Using Swing, for GUI Development 
  • Available Development Tools

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