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Rose India Online/Onsite HTML Training Course

Welcome to Rose India Online/Onsite HTML Training Course.

Rose India Online/Onsite HTML Training Course


Welcome to Rose India Online/Onsite HTML Training Course. As you are aware all web pages and websites have to be written in HTML ( H yper T ext M arkup L anguage) as HTML is the major language of the web and HTML codes can be written and edited on any type of computer. Rose India offers a six-day Online as well/or Onsite HTML Training Course that can be taken by anyone without any prior experience in web page development. Yes learning HTML is that easy!

Learn HTML Online in just Six Days!

The entire HTML training program is divided into 5 simple topics with related sub-topics. After the completion of the six-day HTML Training Program you can test your HTML skills online. You will even receive a Rose India Technologies HTML Certification after successfully completing the course. Our Online HTML Training Course has been specially designed to provide you hands-on training as you learn HTML step-by-step in a language that is very easy to comprehend. We can even send our HTML trainer to your company or personal address for undertaking this simple course, which lasts only six days.

The Rose India Online HTML Training Course consists of the following topics:

1. Introduction to HTML

The first course introduces you to the basics of HTML, its uses and advantages. You will also learn all HTML terminologies and its different features. This course will teach you certain powerful HTML features that will showcase the endless HTML capabilities. Finally the fourth sub-topic will introduce you to the World Wide Web or the Internet and how HTML can be seamlessly integrated into it.

Course Topics:

  • What is HTML
  • Advantages of HTML
  • HTML Features
  • Introduction to WWW (World Wide Web)

2. General Topics

In the second course you will gain knowledge of many general HTML topics. The first sub-topic explains the basic tags used in HTML such as <html>, <title>, <meta>, and <body>. The course will proceed with Table creation, inserting images into your web page, creating hyperlinks, navigating different web pages, writing text using different background colors, creating and organizing files and folders and finally end with learning HTML codes for web page development.

Course Topics:

  • Basic Tags in HTML
  • Creating and working with Tables
  • Inserting Images
  • Hyperlinks and Navigations
  • Text, Background and Table colors
  • Organizing files and folders
  • Coding and web page development

3. CSS

The third HTML course gets you up and close with the powerful new technology called CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). These styles were added to HTML 4.0 and define how HTML elements would be displayed. Further the course will also train you to create and implement the style sheets in HTML.

Course Topics:

  • Introduction to CSS
  • Creating style sheet
  • Implementing style in HTML

4. JavaScript

Know a scripting language that is used universally used to validate forms, detect browsers and to add functionality? It's JavaScript and our third HTML course explains all that you need to know about this powerful scripting language- from its introduction to the tandem between HTML and JavaScript and finally JavaScript validations in our tailor made tutorials.

Course Topics:

  • Introduction to Java Script
  • HTML and JavaScript
  • JavaScript Validations

5. Developing a website in HTML using JavaScript, CSS and HTML

After getting expertise in all the above HTML topics you will be finally ready to develop your own website using not just HTML but also JavaScript and CSS. Yes, we not just teach you HTML but also impart practical knowledge of website designing so you are industry-ready from day one. After you complete this final course on the sixth day you will receive a Rose India Technologies HTML Certification. So make haste and ENROLL NOW!

Contact us at [email protected] for your training requirements.

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November 1, 2011
HTML on line course

Kindly let me know as to how much you are charging for the above mentioned course and any rebate for senior citizen.
Chirag Mittal
May 4, 2012
Enquiry for online and onsite training

Need to know how you will be teach me online and onsite for HTML. Get back to me as soon as possible.


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