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Impeccable Training for Java - Corporate Java Tutorials

We provide corporating training in various programming technologies including Core Java, Advanced Java and Java Frameworks.

Impeccable Training for Java - Corporate Java Tutorials

The class-based, concurrent, general purpose programming language, Java is most widely used technology round the globe. It was designed by James Gosling for one of his set-top box projects under Sun Microsystems (an initiative of Gosling) and was released in 1995 first. It first came to be known as Oak after the oak tree outside the creator’s office and then Green after the team’s name being in which, Gosling initiated the project. The Sun Microsystems was later acquired by Oracle Corporation in January 2010.

Java was developed with intent of Write Once, Run Anywhere (WORA), i.e. cost-free cross-platform technology without recompilation need. It is based on the paradigm of Object-Oriented Programming (not modelled on actions and logic, but data and object), which consists of polymorphism, data-binding, inheritance, etc. Java implies both application engineering tools and the computing component that allows the programs created through Java to run on devices.

There are various features of Java, which makes it most popular and some of them are enumerated below:


  1. High Usability: The simple handling mechanism is perhaps the most attractive feature of the Java. The programming language is designed in such a way, so as to not invite much complexity in the minds of the learners. Once the language basics are learnt, it is not that tough to get a grip over the single yet powerful tool.

  2. Object-Oriented Programming (OOP): Unlike C++, which was built on the generic, object-oriented and structured syntax, Java, though largely influenced, was developed particularly as an object-oriented language. Multiple inheritance or operator overloading is not supported by the programming language.

  3. Architecture Neutrality: The compiler of Java converts the source code into platform-independent object code, which is spread over web and interpreted by the target platform or architecture through Java Virtual Machine (JVM).

  4. True Flexibility: Since the implementation of this language is not dependent on any machine, the programme authored for Java software platform can run on different combinations of operating software and hardware with Runtime support. The intermediate instruction set called Java Byte code makes portability possible and easy.

  5. In-built Sturdiness: Robustness and reliability are inter-related and Java is very much reliable. It is because the language concentrates much on early detection of errors. The compiler and interpreter of Java are capable of checking errors or problems at a primitive stage, which is not found in other languages.

  6. Security Ensured: Java is apparently the most secured programming code till date, with high-level safety features. Its non-use of pointers, concept of exception handling, pre-defined order of execution, accessibility control, type-safety in reference casting and garbage collection mechanism ensures fair prevention from vulnerabilities.

  7. High Efficiency:  Java is the most efficient IT platform available to the programmers after the introduction of Just-in-Time (JIT) compilers. The JIT boosts the performance of Java to much greater level than earlier. This happened mainly with optimised features in JVM and added support on better code analysis.

  8. Distributed Computing: For convenience of Distributed Computing Environment, there is in-built IP/ TCIP networking capabilities in Java. The protocols like FTP and HTTP are well supported by library routines of Java.

  9. Multi-threading Enabled: Performing multiple tasks at a time and improving interactive performance is one of the specialities of multi-threaded Java. The smooth infusion of this feature in the code what sets it apart from other programming languages

  10. Automated Memory: To spare the users from the hassle of manual memory management, Java is provided with Automatic Garbage Collector, which eliminates the unused programs. This sets an allocation of space for new objects, whose inclusion otherwise may get stalled due to insufficient storage.

Java Training Institute is a premium body of education which offers holistic and competent course structure for aspiring Java engineers, as well as the programmers, who wish to enhance their knowledge. The corporate training course by the institute consists of a five-day programme which is organised in the premises of the various business houses. During the programme the software developing personnel are taught various aspects of Core Java technology through the best theoretical and practical mediums. The broad outlines of the content to be covered from Day One to Day Five are as follows:

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