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Free Big Data Training and Certification

We are providing free big data training classes and also offer certificate after completion of training. We offer limited Free Big Data Training and Certification to professionals in the IT field.

Free Big Data Training and Certification - Get trained in Big Data technologies for free

Big Data is one of the most growing industries today and there is huge demand of skilled professionals in the industry. To help new comes and it professionals in the IT this field we are offering few Free Big Data Training and Certification courses online. You can apply for these training courses and we join our online training classes to learn Big Data technologies such as Hadoop, HDFS, Spark, Hive etc... We also have large collection of online training material for leaning Big Data and Data Science.

After completion of training you can submit projects and take online test. After passing the online exam we offer training certificate. Our course materials are aligned to meet current industry requirements. Our training course is free and delivered by our expert instructor. There is a nominal charge for certification test and certificate. You can apply for the Free Big Data Training and Certification by filling up the contact form at the bottom of this page.

This Big Data online training course is designed to help you master all important software components of Hadoop Big Data Stack. You will chance to learn from our industry experts by attending our weekend free training course. In this course you will learn Hadoop, HDFS, Pig, Apache Spark, Hive and others software system of Hadoop. After completing this training course you will be able to work on the Hadoop projects and start learning advanced topics like Data Analytics/Data Science. We also have many courses to help you in learning Data Mining, Data Science and Deep Learning.

During Big Data and Hadoop training course you will get chance to work the sample projects for many industries like banking, telecom, social media etc... Our trainer will provide you exercise after completing of a particular topic in the training course. We encourage you to complete the assignments before next class. It is very important to try as many examples as you can for each topic learned.

Free Big Data Training and Certification - Get trained in Big Data technologies for free

Why our Free Big Data Training?

We offer most updated and best online Big Data training course to our students. Time to time we update our course material to match with the latest trends in the industry. Here are the features of our online Big Data training and certification course:

  • Updated course material
  • Basics and advanced topics of Big Data and Hadoop
  • Many examples to learn from
  • 100s of free articles and examples to practice
  • Email and forum support
  • Training Certificate after completing of project and passing of online examination. Examination fee is very nominal.
  • Includes all major Hadoop Eco-system components in the training course
  • Weekend classes on Saturday and Sunday
  • Paid support is also available if you want fast training

Requirements to take online Free online Big Data training

We expect our students to try examples and come up with better solution to a particular problem. You should spend time and complete programming exercise before next class. In order to complete all examples explained here you should have a Laptop or Desktop with at least 8GB of RAM and plenty of space on hard disk.

We are assuming that you have experience in any of the programming language and you are able to understand the basics of programming. Familiarity with any of the database management system such as Oracle, MySQL or MSSQL server is also very helpful in learning Big Data.

If you are total beginner in programming then at least you should learn the basics of Java and MySQL Server to start with the Big Data training classes.

Free Big Data Training and Certification course details

Our Big Data Training course is well designed and covers all the essential concepts of Hadoop Ecosystem. Our training course aims to train students in these technologies to help them in getting job in Big Data industry. After completing our training course you will be able to start working on the Big Data and Hadoop projects.

You can check our training topics at: Big Data and Hadoop online training for Java Programmer.

Here is the outline of topics covers in our training course:

  • Big Data introduction and application
  • Big Data platforms
  • Hadoop and HDFS
  • HDFS, MapReduce and YARN
  • Hive, Sqoop and Impala
  • Apache Flume
  • Apache Pig
  • Apache Spark
  • Data Science Basic

What is the scope after Big Data and Hadoop training?

There are many opportunity for the Big Data and Hadoop professionals. After competing this training course with certification you can try for jobs in the Big Data field. If you are engineering graduate with sound experience in all the Hadoop technology components you can try for following job profiles:

  • Hadoop Developer - Here you can to develop programs, scripts and write logic for data processing using various programming techniques.
  • Hadoop Administrator - You can learn Hadoop Administration and then apply for junior Hadoop Administrator post.
  • Junior Developer/Administrator - You may also choose combined job responsibility and grow fast in your career field.
  • Data ingestion junior developer - You can choose to become data ingestion expert by learning data ingestion tools.

What should I learn after Big Data and Hadoop?

After getting initial training in Big Data and Hadoop programming you will find yourself in better position. You can apply for job opportunities in IT field and also keep on learning more advanced concepts. Here are the jobs profiles for which you can learn and prepare in future course of time:

  • Chief data officer
  • Data analyst
  • Big data visualizer
  • Big data solutions architect
  • Big data engineer
  • Big data researcher
  • Data warehouse manager
  • Data architect
  • Database manager
  • Business intelligence analyst
  • Data warehouse analyst
  • Data modeler
  • Database developer
  • Portal administrator
  • Database administrator
  • Chief data analyst
  • Business system analyst
  • Data mining analyst
  • Data strategist
  • Business data analyst

Preparing for these advanced topics requires time and experience. While working on the job you should keep on preparing for any or more of these job roles. We will be helping students with latest trends, tutorials, articles, paper and examples.

So, the job opportunity in the Big Data field is unlimited and don't waste time, apply for our Free Big Data Training and Certification training course. We offer free training courses on the weekends (Saturday and Sunday). So, even working professionals can join this training course and get benefited.

Contact us at [email protected] for your training requirements.

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