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Best Online Training for Big Data and Hadoop

Best Online Training for Big Data and Hadoop for IT professionals in 2018.

Best Online Training for Big Data and Hadoop by Industry experts in 2018

Year 2018 will see great demand of Big Data and Hadoop professional with right set of skills. We are here to provide best online training for Big Data and Hadoop stack to software professionals around the world. We offer world class training using the latest Hadoop eco-system software and always updated course content which includes top technologies these days.

We offer Hadoop and Big Data online training from our development center in India to the candidates around the globe. Our online training on Big Data and Hadoop are best in industry as the content is well researched and supported with the best examples. Our trainers are industry experts in their own domain having years of experience in Big Data and Hadoop programming on industry applications.

Indian IT professionals are famous in world for their IT skills and software projects they delivered to businesses around the world. Indian IT professionals are also providing online training in various software technologies. Our highly skilled IT professionals are providing online training in Hadoop and Big Data technologies to the candidates around the world. We offer detailed online course in Big Data and Hadoop technologies. We conduct training for developers and administrators in Hadoop, Pig, Hive and other software system of Hadoop stack.ADS_TO_REPLACE_1

Best Online Training for Big Data and Hadoop

This online training is targeted to the IT professional having prior programming experience in developing enterprise projects looking for quick start their career in Big Data industry. Big Data course is well designed to help you in getting started with the Hadoop and gradually learn advanced programming technologies.

What is Big Data? ADS_TO_REPLACE_2

Big Data is term used for Enormous amount of Data which can't be handled by traditional computers. Big Data is a term used for an accumulation of data collected from various source into a software/hardware system for archiving and further processing. These large set of data can be social networking data, data generated by various sensors, click stream data, video data, images data, text data etc.. Big Data is designed to handle both structured and unstructured data in large pool of distributed clusters. These distributed clusters are used save and process complex data in cost effective way.

Big Data can be presented into 5V's:

VOLUME: Volume alludes to the 'measure of information', which is ingested into system day by day in a step by step at a quick process which involves cleansing process also. ADS_TO_REPLACE_3

Speed/Velocity: Velocity is characterized as the pace at which diverse sources produce the information consistently. This stream of information is huge and ceaseless.

VARIETY: As there are numerous sources which are adding to Big Data, the sort of information they are producing is unique. It can be organized, semi-organized or unstructured.

VALUE: It is fine and dandy to approach enormous information however unless we can transform it into meaning full data it is pointless. Discover bits of knowledge in the information and make advantage out of it. ADS_TO_REPLACE_4

VERACITY: Veracity alludes to the information in uncertainty or vulnerability of information accessible because of information irregularity and deficiency.

I this training course you will learn how Hadoop is capable of handling such enormous data sets at very high speed. It is also capable of performing calculation over distributed clusters for faster retrieval of information into the system.


Every day, tons of data is generated in just seconds, for example, when you upload images to Facebook, your friends may like, comment, share your images. Under the hood, Facebook stores all this data is stored in the database and fetches to the data whenever required. Similarly other industries are also generating large amount of data for example in case of e-commerce industry, website are generating huge quantity of click stream data which is then processed to get recommendation for users. Various analytics are done on the collected data and used information in planning product display, identifying opportunities etc... So, Big Data is used to find new ways to do the business.

In the similar way billions of Facebook users are sharing images, videos and tons of data is stored every day in the database. It becomes difficult to manage and process the large sets of data if they are using conventional CRUD operations on the database as it slow down process of fetching the data. Hadoop has introduced to resolve many of the issue related to processing and managing large sets of data.

You can join our online Big Data and Hdoop training courses to make your career in Big Data industry. ADS_TO_REPLACE_6

View complete course details at Big Data and Hadoop Training - Online and classroom.

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