Searching For Important Issues for Writing Articles

This page discusses - Searching For Important Issues for Writing Articles


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Searching For Important Issues for Writing Articles


People all over the world like to read news for staying informed on their topics of interest.

Writing articles about important issues depends on the following things:

  • About what industry do you usually write about?
  • What are your subjects of interest?
  • What is the current HOT news which is being debated or discussed all over the world?
  • What advanced concepts are available in the offing for tomorrow?

Good Industry Information Is Necessary:

You must be extremely knowledgeable about your interest areas or industry on which you are writing for getting your work published within reputed newspapers and publication websites worldwide. With good knowledge, you would naturally have a flair for writing about important issues and attaining major exposure online and offline through such hot topics.

What Should Be The Frequency Of Writing About Important Issues?

Although no limit is there for producing as much of articles as you want but still you may sometimes have to wait for years before you write one gem of an article which has the ability of getting appreciated within every newsletter, publication, blog and rss feed worldwide within a short span of time. Such ?Gem Articles? cannot be produced often though. Even on writing about hot topics, sometimes years go by before you find a suitable editor or receive any major online recognition. Producing a ?Gem Article? is a rare phenomenon for even the best of writers but once it happens it has the potential of doing wonders to your bank account, appreciation level and webpage viewership. Hence, if you are on a lookout for writing ?Gm Articles?, never give up on your efforts. Trying is also extremely important. Even articles having sub-feature work are good at attracting traffic for the sake of your business. The objective must always be to write about important issues because you never know when you might strike gold. Writing a couple of articles per year is not enough. For becoming a leading player, you must write more frequently such as once every day, week or at most a month.

How Can We Decide What Should Be Written about?

You must be adept at identifying the hot issues happening in your industry. Such key issues are always staring right into your face inviting you to utilize their potential. Sometimes authors are also well known for their art of creating key issues out of scrap. Whenever you are searching for a key issue, analyze the industry in which you have expertise and find out what everyone's views are on it through online forums, discussion groups, etc. With a bit of diligence and reference material, key issues can also be created on topics which are not so much talked about.

What Is The Specialty Of Those Topics Which Aren't That Much Talked About?

These topics are usually those which are usually controversial, sensitive and feared by people as they have loads of baggage. Due to this very nature of these topics, sometime it really pays for initiating discussion on these topics. But, instead of getting nasty, you should look at possible errors, failures, negative effects or screw ups. For e.g. why vehicle companies are not very keen on battery operated automobiles? Why do small businesses never dominate results of Goggle's searches?


Martin Lemieux has suggested that for keeping failures at bay, you must write one article per day. Research, diligence, patience and observation are key factors for producing Gem Articles. If already a lot of talking has been done on some topic, it would not be wise for you to select that topic. Hence, observation and awareness are important factors.