Submit Articles for Free

This page discusses - Submit Articles for Free

Submit Articles for Free

This page discusses - Submit Articles for Free

Submit Articles for Free

Submit Articles for Free


Links for submitting articles for free. Articles is very effective way to increase the popularity on your web site. Here are the links for submitting your articles.


    A comprehensive collection of free articles available online. Authors around the world are free to publish their articles for free.

  2. Hunt Articles

    Another best article site to publish articles for free and getting lot of hits.

  3. Submit Articles

    To submit an article for possible inclusion in the Add Me newsletter and website, send the article in plain text format using our contact form. The article must focus on an aspect of website and/or business promotion and be between 50 and 150 lines long (lines of 65 characters).
    In submitting an article to Add Me you also acknowlege that the article is owned by you (or your company) and therefore can be published. If your article is published by us, you and your company will receive a tremendous amount of visibility.

  4. Alumbo

    Alumbo offers a self-publishing platform that enables you submit articles to help people "live the best life they can." We encourage all our members to share their expertise, opinions and insights. You may also submit website links, products, services and other resources. As long as it's relevant, and meets our common-sense appropriateness guidelines, content may be submitted to any of our dozens of community channels. (If you're not yet a member, we'll sign you up automatically. It's quick, it's easy, and it's free!)

  5. Articale City

    Submit your article to by filling up the form below. Please include a brief bio of yourself that highlights your field of expertise, experience, company name (if any), web site address and your e-mail address. These info will be used for the "About The Author" box. Please also take time to read the Author's Agreement before submitting your article.

  6. Article Depot

    Resource Site - All the content you see on Article Depot can be used by webmasters free of charge for their websites or Ezines. The only stipulation is that the content remain unchanged or edited and that any links remain live. Otherwise you are free to use it without contacting the author. Submission Site - Content Writers may submit articles here at Article Depot to be used with Webmasters sites and e-zines. The benefit of this is having your article displayed on potentially hundreds of sites. You are encouraged to post relevant links in the body of the article and any site you would like to promote in the About the Author box. Anchor text is encourage in both areas within reason.

  7. Article Responder

    Originally a Web site about using e-published materials to provide content for online endeavors, Article Responder has since turned its focus towards providing what most online writers really want: TO GET PUBLISHED already. All of the articles on this site are provided to you free of charge by us and by the authors who posted them to be used freely. If you find an article about being published useful, be sure to let the author know.

  8. Business Opportunities Classifieds

    Business Opportunities Classifieds ( - Serving the small business and work at home based business communities with quality services resources, and tools since 1996. features small business and work from based business classifieds, services, resources, ideas, opportunities, tools, technologies, a links directory, a monthly newsletter, articles, an affiliate program, opportunity forums, and much more.

  9. BPubs actively seeks business publications that may be of interest to those conducting research and business users in general. Publications must meet the following collection criteria. takes a ?collection development? approach to developing this site. reserves the right to refuse any material we deem to be of ?low value? to our target audience of corporate users and business researchers. Our site is more valuable to users because we follow these guidelines.

    Submit Articles for Free

  10. How to know Business

    Business Know-How includes several related web sites. We also distribute content to other sites, including some major commercial online services. By submitting an article to us, you agree to let us use the article not only on Business Know-How, but any place content from Business Know-How is used. You, however, retain the copyright in your work and are free to reuse it in any way you want. We are interested in seeing well-written features, how-to articles, book excerpts, "how I did it" stories, tips and hints, instructions, motivational articles and other articles that will help our audience gain knowledge that will help them succeed in their business or career.

  11. Home Business Article

    A few helpful hints: For best results, copy and paste your article from an unformatted text document. Line Breaks and Normal Spacing between words is passed on. If you are using a link, be sure there is a space before and after it, and that it begins with "http://". If you use an email address, make sure that it begins with "mailto:".

  12. Web Designing & Development

    Send your articles at: [email protected] with your name, title of the article, number of words, a small description and your resource box not exceeding 65 characters in width and 4 in lines. Receive regular articles in your email by Registering. Please only send web development and design related articles. They should be concise, should have your personal touch.

  13. Article directory

    Information is at the core of your business. In an increasingly information-driven economy, the success of your business is defined more and more by how effectively and efficiently you manage and deliver information. We understands this, and has developed one of the most comprehensive content management capabilities to help you rapidly and accurately manage content.

  14. Content Article


    We're not just another article submission site. We provide enhanced content tools to both publishers and authors. We look at it this way - What good is one more place to submit your articles, unless it makes your life easier? That's what we're doing. You can submit your article to up to 3 categories. That means more visibility for your articles, with less effort! You also benefit from our easy author syndication. Now your articles can be syndicated quickly and easily without any extra work on your part.

  15. Content Tycoon

    Beef up your website or create a new one with quality content from Content Tycoon that's FREE. Knowledgeable authors from around the world created content just for your visitors. Every article you find at Content Tycoon may be used on your website for FREE. Simply register with us, then "license" each item you wish to use. Licensing and account creation are FREE.

  16. Ezine Finder

    Are you looking for quality content to publish in your newsletter or on your website? Ezine Finder Content gives you access to quality content in a variety of categories. Our database of articles is growing all the time. A great way to promote your Ezine or website is to write articles and make them available to online publications. Ezine Finder Content is a free Content Exchange for publishers and web masters to post and find free content. You must register with the Ezine Finder to sign up for Ezine Finder Content. Click here to register. If you are already registered all you need to do is login into your Account. Click on the Ezine Finder Content button.

  17. Dime consultantsinc


    By submitting on this form, there may be a delay of articles going "live" by several days. If you wish to have your articles live within 48 hours, please click here and submit as a guest. (This saves us inputting time). We are making many changes to our website during the month of August of 2005. If you note missing graphics or changes each time you return, please do not be concerned.

  18. eBusiness Article

    You can submit your article in up to 3 categories. That means more visibility for your articles, with less effort! You also benefit from our easy author syndication. Now your articles can be syndicated quickly and easily without any extra work on your part. In addition to our great article content, you can use our dynamic RSS feed, and pass in specific parameters to syndicate content based on submission date, author, and category! Take control of your web site content with!

  19. Ezine Writer

    We have numerous categories including Automotive, Beauty & Fashion, Business, Business Marketing, Computers / Technology, Entertainment, Finance, Health & Fitness, Home & Family, Home Wares, Internet Marketing, Laughter / Humour, Men's Health, Pregnancy, Politics, Search Engines, Sports, Travel / Tourism, Website Design and Women's Health. If the category you want is not available submit your article in the closest currently available category. Then email us with the article title and the desired category. We will consider each request on its merits. Who knows you could be responsible for a new article category in our library!

  20. Amazine


    We offer free articles, free web content, and free article feeds which are submitted by our network of quality registered authors. Our authors are free to publish articles, submit articles, and submit ezines whenever they please. We cater to publishers, authors, editors, the avid reader, and even webmasters looking to add free content to their site. We provide you with an all access pass to the largest growing article database on the web. gives you the information when you want it - anytime.

  21. FreeSticky

    Each day I get a flood of articles submitted to me from authors that want me to consider their articles for publication in Freesticky. 99.99% of the time I don't even get past the title as it does not relate to content publishing or content creation. Please don't waste my time or yours by submitting your articles to me, they will just get re-directed to the trash can if they are in-appropriate and after time anything originating from your email will be filtered direct to the trash can without the benefit of human consideration.

  22. Article Base

    Welcome to, the place to find articles and free content for your web sites or newsletters. You can also submit your articles for syndication, just sign up as an author and start submitting today. If there are types of web content that you don't see here and would like us to get for you, just let us know what niches of free articles you are looking for and we will try to find them for you and publish them here for your free article usage.

  23. Free Article Zone


    What we do is create a meeting point between Authors and publishers for free web content exchage. Our aim is to create a large and frequently updated database of free quality articles, covering many interest and content areas, with articles which will eventually be picked up and re published by website owners, content managers and webmasters. Free Articles Zone is owned and managed by Moreno's Internet Marketing Experts, thus recieves extensive SEO and web marketing activities, which ensure the highest level of exposure to the displayed articles. 

  24. Freezine Article

    All published articles now come complete with an RSS feed. Using this technology we distribute full articles to feed directories and a blogs where they are picked up by publishers. This means that in addition to your articles being picked up from the site they are also being picked up from over 20 feed directories and our growing blog network.

  25. Fresh Article

    There are some really great sources of information on planning and executing a successful paid marketing campaign, from researching your audience and the keywords they use to managing your bid portfolio. Using the sessions from SES NY as a guideline, I?m going to introduce you to what the ?experts? are doing in PPC.

  26. Healthy Article


    Accepting articles related to every aspect of health, beauty, fitness and nutrition. We are not just another article submission site. We provide enhanced content tools to webmasters, publishers, authors and aspiring writers. What good is one more place to submit your articles, unless it makes your life easier?

  27. How to Advice seeks articles that concisely and articulately give advice on how to do something. Although many of our writers are highly regarded experts, you don't have to be a law school graduate to get your articles published. As long as you know how to do something that someone else doesn't, and you have the ability to convey your insight with words, you are qualified.

  28. Article alley

    When you think of holidays in England I wonder what images enter your head first? Maybe the famous red buses in London? Or possibly the splendour of Windsor Castle, the Tower of London or Buckingham Palace? All of those images point to some great features of England for visitors but there is a hi...

  29. Jogenas


    Out of hundreds of submissions, only a select number will get posted to our directory. Find out how to get a Guaranteed Article Posting in our directory. We receive hundreds of article submissions per month. But, due to the time involved in reviewing and posting the articles we receive, only 15 to 20 will get posted in our directory for that month.

  30. Link General

    Submitting an article is a great way for generating exposure for you and your web site. Remember, the more links you have to your site the higher search engines like Yahoo, MSN, and Overture rank your site. Your article can contain a link back to your site and help increase your rank in search engines. Fill out the following form to submit articles. Please remember your name and password so you can update and submit new articles.

  31. Lyon International

    Ok, so you made it here, mostly likely because we sent you a letter of introduction, you receive our newsletter, maybe a radio advertisement, or perhaps from that new fangled thing called the internet through a search engine or link. In any event, I'm pleased to meet you, and glad you stopped by. This site is designed to help small and medium sized businesses increase revenue, lower cost and get started with a productive web site on the internet. If you keep reading you'll discover what we do. In short, we design, host and promote web sites.

  32. Net Pro Matketer


    Welcome to the Net Pro Marketer where you'll find hand picked articles from top marketing experts. Within the featured writers section you'll find articles on business, marketing & promotion, ezine publishing, and RSS & blogs. And if you're an article writer be sure to check out our article directories and announcement lists for places to submit your work to.

  33. Netterweb

    If pasting article, please paste into Windows Notepad or similar program first. Then into form box. You cannot format your article on Editors and webmasters will format to fit their site/ezine anyhow. Ensure that your paragraphs are FULL paragraphs. Do NOT attempt to design the WIDTH of your article. Using the ENTER key after each line to get the look you want WILL BACKFIRE here. The editors and webmasters who use your article will format the paragraphs appropriately for their ezine/website.

  34. NSI Solution

    Our promotion service - promotes your article as well as your website to thousands of targeted publishers and web sites. Your article title, name, and web site are included in the META tags of a second page specifically optimized and designed for promoting your article and website. Your work must be visible in the major search engines. Our sites ARE visible and our authors article's and web site receive HUGE exposer.

  35. Power Home Biz


    privately held online publisher of home business and small business information. We provide well-written features, "how-to" articles; "how I did it" success stories, tips and hints, instructions, motivational articles and other information that will help consumers gain knowledge and succeed in their small business endeavor. Our objective is to provide comprehensive step-by-step ideas to help small entrepreneurs succeed in their ventures.

  36. eprint Article

    Make your free reprint articles available to publishers and webmasters by adding them to our database. Publishers can notify you when they use your article via e-mail. We encrypt authors' e-mail addresses so you don't need to worry about those nasty spam robots/harvesters getting a hold of your e-mail address. Browse categories and find quality articles you can use for free in your e-zine or website. When you reprint any article from, you understand that you must not modify it, and you must include the author's resource box and make the links active.

  37. RLRouse Directory

    RLROUSE.COM invites you to submit an article to be considered for publication on our website and in our newsletter. Please review the guidelines carefully before you submit an article. You'll have an opportunity to share your knowledge and expertise with our thousands of daily visitors when you submit an article (helps build your name recognition and "branding"). Published articles help "get your name out.

  38. Simply search 4 IT


    Do you have a reprintable article that you would like to list on our site for FREE? If so, then now you can. We offer a free reprintable articles directory where people can add their articles to our site so that others from all over the world can reprint and use freely on their sites or newsletters. For submitting an article to our site we have two seperate forms.

  39. Articlewarehouse

    ArticleWarehouse is an online marketplace for content that benefits both editors and writers. ArticleWareHouse sells to editors worldwide nonexclusive reprint rights for some of the best articles in journalism, offering convenience and quality at affordable prices. Membership & Listing of articles is Free!

  40. The All I Need

    Have you seen a tall, lanky dufus with a bird face and hair like the bride of Frankenstein?-Elaine. Having major planets disappear is always a bad sign. Great minds have purposes, others have wishes. Great spirits often meet violent opposition with mediocre minds.

  41. Article directory


    The Article Directory provides a quick, easy way for you to post your articles. You don't need to create an account. However, all articles submitted must be owned by you. Anyone may use these articles on their Web site or in their ezine. However, you may not make any changes to the articles and you must include the author's resource box.

  42. Top 7 Business

    If you've got some insightful, business building thoughts and would like some great exposure to thousands of Entrepreneurs. All articles must be in our format of a (1) paragraph introduction followed by (7) tips and closed with your resource box. (If your article does not meet this format, perhaps you might want to try our other project at

  43. UPromote

    Submitting an article does not guarantee that it will be published. To improve your odds, be editorial in nature and avoid making your article a direct solicitation of a product or service. You may announce your service, but with editorial precaution. Submissions riddled with gramatical or spelling errors, that contain blatant product or service solicitations, or who's central theme is not Internet marketing related will not be considered. Articles should remain between 750 and 1250 words in length.

  44. Valuable content


    Gain free exposure by listing your article or blogs in our directory for FREE. Your articles and blogs will be seen by thousands of readers, publishers and webmasters. We provide an easy option for publishers to syndicate and obtain a copy of your articles immediately after it is posted to our site. This simple feature offers publishers hassle-free access to the content they are interested in publishing and increases your chances of publication and exposures.

  45. Vector Central Marketing

    To receive responses & generate sales, it is Essential to advertise! Our Direct & Exclusive Promotion Service through Solo Ads, is the first step in targeting your message to a responsive and receptive opt-in audience. Your solo ad will be published and delivered to our dedicated, opt-in subscribers in an exclusive mailout, designed to reflect your business in the best presentation.

  46. Webmaster Article

    Welcome to Webmaster Articles, the home of all your webmaster needs. Our vast array of comprehensive articles will help you improve your website today. We offer information on SEO, marketing, e-commerce, content writing, advertising your site, and more. Articles are a blend of original content and user-submitted articles.

  47. Web Hosting

    2 is now accepting Press Releases, Articles and Tutorials that relate to the Web Hosting and Web Development marketplace. We are also taking request to write company profiles articles on select Web Hosting companies. We plan to create no more than 1 company profile article per month.

  48. WebProNews

    Upon submitting your article, it will be reviewed by the editorial staff for quality control before it is posted online. Please only submit articles related to eBusiness, search engines, information technology, or web development.

  49. Web Reference

    WebReference wants you! As part of our Open Publishing initiative we're now accepting story submissions for our Web site and/or weekly text newsletters, you could be next! We're looking for sharp people to write about the hot Web-dev topics of the day. We will consider how-tos, site/software/book reviews, technology overviews, trends, interviews, opinion and analysis - anything that would be of interest to our target audience: primarily well-educated, well-compensated intermediate to advanced HTML authors and Web masters. If you've got a product, or area of expertise, who better to write an article on it and get some great PR in the process?

  50. Constant content


    Constant Content is exactly what the name implies: A website where you will be able to find text to complete your website or project. This is a place to locate high-quality content at affordable prices. We will assist you in delivering the whole package, ensuring that the clients you service will be receiving a polished piece of perfection.

  51. Web Source

    The Article Announce groups are the original article announcement lists providing free content to thousands of ezines, newsletters, magazines and web sites. If you're in need of quality, free content, subscribe to Article Announce or an appropriate targeted Article Announce group. You will receive new articles each day from a wide variety of writers.

  52. WAHM-Mome

    My husband and I are "planning to plan" to get pregnant in the next few months. I would like to stay at home to raise our children and my only concern is a financial one. We have always had two incomes and have become quite dependent on that...

  53. Getting Published WWIO


    World Wide Information Outlet (WWIO) no longer accepts submissions via email and we have a new, more streamlined submission process for all articles. We receive submissions 365 day a year. Yes, even on Christmas day. But with our new article submission process you should know, within 72 hours, whether your article has been accepted or declined. No more waiting for a week or longer to know.

  54. Zongoo

    Zongoo Daily News Newspaper delivers fresh news everyday from local and international news. Our news are delivered in real-time on Google News.

  55. AAbusiness

    Article Announce Business is a business article announcement list providing free content to hundreds of ezines, newsletters, magazines and web sites. Announce your business oriented articles available for publication to our entire subscriber base of ezine, newsletter and magazine publishers, completely free.

  56. AAGeneral


    Article Announce General Interest is an article announcement list providing free content to hundreds of ezines, newsletters, magazines and web sites. Announce your articles available for publication to our entire subscriber base of ezine, newsletter and magazine publishers, completely free.

  57. AAlnet

    Article Announce Internet is an article announcement list providing free content to hundreds of ezines, newsletters, magazines and web sites. Announce your Internet oriented articles available for publication to our entire subscriber base of ezine, newsletter and magazine publishers, completely free.

  58. Announce Writer

    This list has been created for writers to list their newsletters, mailing lists, articles, and any news related announcements that deal with their writing. Please DO NOT post any non writing related topics, especially adult sites, MLM, or any kind of business opportunities. No more than 2 announcements per day.

  59. Articles4you2use4promotion


    To ezine publishers, webmasters, discussion forum owners. This list is a way to get your word out and advertise your venture for free. Write an article, make sure it is your's, and make sure your articles provide free, worthwhile content and information. No blatent advertising. A resource box promoting your business at the end of article is okay.

  60. Article Announce

    Article Announce Writer Publisher Exchange is an article announcement list providing free content to hundreds of ezines, newsletters, magazines and web sites. Writers may announce their articles free. We will accept most article submissions however, we will not accept any adult content, articles promoting spam, chainletters, business opportunities, hate, violence or discrimination against any ethnic groups of any kind. If you're looking for quality content or free promotion for your articles, subscribe to Article Announce.

  61. Article Archives

    We will host various forms of Internet Marketing Information you may use on your ezine, newsletter or website. Get your free copies of articles that provide you with hidden tactics and techniques to maximize your Internet marketing strategies to their full potential. We want to keep you, the netrepreneur, up-to-date with the latest and newest marketing articles reports around so if you know a publisher who needs a place to submit one, why not tell them for us! .... (Thanks!).


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