Is It Possible To Make $5,000 By Writing Just One Article?

This page discusses - Is It Possible To Make $5,000 By Writing Just One Article?

Is It Possible To Make $5,000 By Writing Just One Article?

Is It Possible To Make $5,000 By Writing Just One Article?


In today's competitive market, it is not uncommon to hear of huge earning opportunities in even the humblest of tasks. Article writing can also provide huge perks and upward trends to your bank account these days.

Articles on Consumer Health:

Articles can be written for a number of fields and specialist writers often get more money as compared to other writers. Market of consumer health is one of the most prosperous markets in today's times. General writers as well as specialist medical writers just can't afford to ignore this market if they want to go big.

People are continuously in search of information which can help in improving their health. To take advantage of this fact, media such as newspapers, magazines, newsletters and websites continuously publish articles related with health improvement. The perks available in writing articles concerning consumer health for these magazines are very high. Some magazines are ready to pay about $5,000 for each content rich article. Payments of $2.00 for every word are also not very uncommon.

Pay rates of articles related with consumer health are decided by several factors like:

  • Is the article being written for print publication or online publication?
  • The article type.
  • The article's word count or the amount of pages being filled by the article and does it contain line drawings, diagrams or photographs or not.

Any article which is submitted for magazine publication is first of all reviewed by the article editor and the photographic or art editor reviews photographs or pictures. Both these editors have specific rates and guidelines which are dependent on specific requirements as prescribed by the magazine.

General guide for determining the writer's pay rate is the average industry payment standards. But, this may not always depict the reality. Less significant consumer health magazines are able to afford only lower rates whereas larger magazines pay considerably more. Although, it can never be guaranteed that magazines similar in their market capitalization are also similar in their pay rates. The rates are different for different magazines even if their size is same. Independent of whether writers (freelance, ghost, staff) are writing on consumer health or other topics, expected pay rates are as follows:

  • General copy/ news releases/ news articles: $5 - $500 per page.
  • Fact sheets/ brochures: $50-$1000 per project.
  • Advertising articles: $0.10-$2.00 per word, $8-$100 per hour, $5-$3,000 per article.
  • General advertising: $8-$150 per hour.
  • Government publications (news releases, news stories, medical reports, medical studies): $1-$3 per word, $8-$125 per hour, $50-$100,000 per project.
  • Medical reports/ articles on consumer health/ technical articles on medicine: $0.10-$2 per word, $8-$125 per hour, $50-$16,000 per project.
  • Newsletters: $0.10-$1.50 per word, $8-$80 per hour, $50-$6,000 per issue.
  • Articles on the internet: $0.10-$3 per word, $8-$100 per hour, $2-$3,000 per article, $50-$16,000 per project.

You should also understand that pay rates are also dependent on the editor's familiarity with the writers. If they have worked together before, pay rates would be higher. New writers have the tendency of accepting these pay rates without even questioning about them. This can prove to be a hindrance in their ability and desire for earning a good and livable income. The new writer may possess writing talent which would be as exceptional as other established writers but because of the established writer's ability of negotiating pay rates as well as their published and past works' portfolio make them eligible for earning more.

All the people who desire to make it big in the field of writing articles must possess good learning abilities and knowledge so that they get their deserving income.


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