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iPhone's Missing Features


iPhone is a great phone with amazing features and it is but natural that there would be some features that are omitted either knowingly or inadvertently by Apple, iPhone's maker. While we have discussed iPhone's features in detail in a previous post, here we list some common or expected features that are missing from the iPhone. Still, it is important to note that these iPhone deficiencies or drawbacks are not permanent but could be very well rectified by Apple in its future iPhone models and software upgrades.

Top Missing iPhone Features:

Carrier Choice: No freedom to choose your own mobile service provider is the biggest iPhone drawback according to us. After all who wants to get stuck in a one-year contract when there are great options out there. Besides there are always pre-paid users.

Browser Plug-ins/Flash/Javascript: The iPhone's Safari web browser offers great net experience but one of its shortcomings is the lack of support for third party plug-ins. At least Apple should have provided support for Flash and Java script, but no such luck.

Service Price Plans: Lack of carrier choice means lack of data and mobile plans, so you have to take whatever plan the service provider offers you or you can say good bye to your iPhone dreams.

Detachable Battery: Now why would anyone not allow the mobile phone's battery to be removed? But Apple doesn't and its pretty irritating, especially in situations where you want to charge your battery via a battery dock.

MMS: The iPhone doesn't allow MMS messaging, which is unfortunate, for, MMS is not just fun but also vital for many, including, MMS-addicts like me.

Front facing Camera: Lets not discuss the iPhone's camera image quality but just its location. Why not provide a camera in the front too for clicking self-images, just like other smartphones?

Wireless Syncing: Yes the iPhone cannot be synced wirelessly (Bluetooth and Wi-Fi), amazing, isn't it? But true. You need a data cable to sync all your contacts and calendar entries.

Limited Third Party Support: For many this would be the most glaring of iPhone's missing features. Although Apple has slipped in its SDK most of the third party apps need to be installed via Apple's App Store. Wish there were more options.


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