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iPhone 3G as a Gaming Device

The original iPhone that made its debut in January 2007 didn't measure up as a great gaming device owing to certain shortcomings.

iPhone 3G as a Gaming Device


The original iPhone that made its debut in January 2007 didn't measure up as a great gaming device owing to certain shortcomings. The biggest flaws were lack of fast internet connection i.e. no 3G, no flash support and no third party application support. All this added to a rather drab iPhone gaming experience. Also the gamers couldn't control the gaming environment owing to lack of multiple options. Thus handheld gamers continued to flock to dedicated gaming devices like the Sony PSP, Nintendo and others with the iPhone missing the gaming bus.

But come June 2008 and the world saw the launch of the iPhone 3G, a much more advanced gaming device than its predecessor. The new iPhone supported 3G, thus allowing for faster online gaming experience and downloading speeds, not to mention quicker online streaming. But the biggest favour Apple bestowed upon iPhone users was third party iPhone application support. This saw the iPhone 3G gaming graph rocket skywards with numerous iPhone games hitting the net in September, like Spore, Monkey Ball and many others. Spore allows users to create their own creatures and then letting them to roam the universe, whereas Monkey Ball features a maze environment that has to be constantly changed to prevent the uncontrollable monkey from self-destruction.

Soon enough numerous online iPhone gaming communities mushroomed that discussed the top games, provided numerous guides, walk-throughs, custom designs and more. The iPhone gaming mania has become so much infectious that today the iPhone is a serious challenger to dedicated handheld gaming devices like the PSP, Nintendo etc. After all, if the same device lets you surf the net, listen to music, network and most importantly, play great games with out-of-the-world gaming experience, then why would you still opt for a separate gaming device?

If you are still wondering why the iPhone is the best mobile gaming device around the reason lies in the fact that the iPhone is a mini mobile computer, phone, net device and gaming gadget, all rolled into one. Little wonder then, according to AOL, the average session of a iPhone user lasts for 21 minutes with 65 page views, which is much higher as compared to other handheld gaming devices. If the iPhone keeps up with the changing and ever evolving gaming technology, and there is no reason why it wouldn't, then the iPhone will continue to offer the most thrilling and fun-filled gaming experience available. Happy gaming then!


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