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The iPhone as a Business Phone

The Apple iPhone is a great consumer phone with unique features and capabilities. And the situation is no different when it comes to iPhone's utility for businesses.

The iPhone as a Business Phone


The Apple iPhone is a great consumer phone with unique features and capabilities. And the situation is no different when it comes to iPhone's utility for businesses. Although sceptics raised doubts over the iPhone's business capabilities when they pointed out that the iPhone lacks support for dedicated business mail clients like Microsoft Exchange, Outlook Mail and so on.

But Apple aims to go one better by offering support for mail apps that can be integrated with its Safari web browser instead of just Microsoft Exchange or Outlook. And why not? Using browser supported mail apps can be just as convenient way of sending and receiving corporate mail as using Microsoft Exchange.

The only functionality that would be needed is setting up a push-email client for the iPhone, which is the main advantage of dedicated business phone like the Blackberry and others. This brings us to the question is there a clear demarcation between business-only phones and consumer phones. We think not. And the best proof is the new iPhone 3G that integrates Microsoft Exchange within itself and thus presents a secure and convenient way to send and receive all your business mails on the move.

Other added iPhone business benefits include the ultra-clear voice recorder that is of immense use to media people, travelling salespersons to record any story, orders, invoice etc whenever they please and send the info to their office in no time using the iPhone's lightening quick 3G.

Many business phones lack one essential feature that is very handy when travelling-maps and GPS assist. But the iPhone 3G scores on this front also. It not only features integrated Google maps to provide detailed info of any local place but also provides a good GPS assisted pathfinder that can be strapped on to your wrist or placed in the car. These features are of immense use to the busy and frequent traveller.

For some people style doesn't matter much but for most (including me) when style is combined substance, the combination is unbeatable. The same holds true for the iPhone. Why get stuck with a clunky business-exclusive handset when you can opt for a cool, stylish and powerful smartphone that not only serves all your business needs but also offers other sophisticated entertainment features in a stylish manner. If you still aren't convinced just look at money spent on downloading custom ringtones worldwide. So why not spend on a customisable smartphone?

The iPhone's business utility is not just limited to mail apps rather it is as good as your travelling mobile office, literally! If you save important files, documents on iDisk, the online storage provided by Apple through MobileMe, then you can easily use your iPhone to access iDisk and store, retrieve or edit all the files you wish. Further using the easy to use and fast Safari web browser you can also access your online business apps like Kashflow, the book keeping software. Need we say anything more about iPhone's business utility?


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